Sunday, January 01, 2012

2011-12 NFL Week 17 Picks

Ok, first picks in the new year.  Let's see how this goes. 

Carolina @ New Orleans - I don't think the Saints are really playing for anything, but I do expect them to play and play well.  Maybe, just maybe the Panthers get a win here.  They are playing for pride.  Winner - Panthers

Buffalo @ New England - The Bills started this season on such a great run, but they ended up here.  I think the Patriots finish them off.  Winner - Patriots

Chicago @ Minnesota - Both teams are bad, but I think that the Bears get a win.  I know my barber needs the Bears to win at least 7 games to make this a good start of the year for him.  Winner - Bears.

New York Jets @ Miami - The Jets need this win to sneak into the playoffs.  Winner - Jets

San Francisco @ St. Louis - The 49ers aren't playing for much, but I think they win this game and get ready for the playoffs.  Winner - 49ers

Detroit @ Green Bay - The Packers will look to run this up early and hang on for a win.  Winner - Packers

Washington @ Philadelphia - Since both teams are out of the playoffs, this will be a grudge match and maybe the game that saves Reid's coaching job in Philly.  Winner - Eagles

Indianapolis @ Jacksonville - A bad game and it won't hurt as much if the Colts win this game since they are two QBs in the draft (Luck and RGIII) that the Colts could nab.  Winner - Colts

Tennessee @ Houston - Houston needs this win, but I think the Titans end the season with a W.  Winner- Titans.

Seattle @ Arizona - Should actually be a good game and two running backs should lead each team.  Toss up on this one, but I'll go with Seattle.  Winner - Seahawks.

Kansas City @ Denver - The game of the week.  I think the Tebows win this game and make the playoffs.  Winner - Broncos

Tampa Bay @ Atlanta - Winner - Falcons

Baltimore @ Cincinnati - The Ravens need to prove to me, no one else, that they are serious.  Beating this upstart Bengals team will say something.  Winner - Ravens

Pittsburgh @ Cleveland - Even with Batch at QB, I expect Steelers to show everyone they aren't dead yet.  Winner - Steelers

San Diego @ Oakland - This should be a shoot out with Palmer and Rivers going at it.  Who will finish the season?  Winner - Raiders

Dallas @ New York Giants - The next game of the week.  I really don't know who to pick.  I don't trust Romo, but I also don't trust the Cowboys secondary.  Winner - Giants

Who you got?!?!?!?

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