Tuesday, December 06, 2011

2011-12 NFL Week 13 Wrap Up

This weeks picks:

Philadephia @ Seattle - I found myself picking the Eagles and they go all the way to Seattle to let Marshawn Lynch run completely over and through them.  The 'Dream Team' is dead and I am hoping that Andy Reid has his bags packed.  Someone has to fall for this.  Inquisitive Mind 0 - 1 for the week.  

Carolina @ Tampa Bay - Cam Newton is a bad boy, if you didn't already know.  Just imagine how much better this team will be with a quality starting defense and some more help at receiver.  Carolina is back on the map for something other than college basketball.  Raheem, this is a bad year for you and the Bucs but hopefully you'll be given a chance to turn this one around.  Inquisitive Mind 1 - 1 for the week.  

Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh - The Steelers opened up a can on the Bengals.  Brown and Wallace are a dangerous combo and this defense (because this is the Steelers) is going to gel a little bit more.  Dangerous.  Inquisitive Mind 2 - 1 for the week.  

Atlanta @ Houston - You mean that TJ Yates started and the Falcons played this badly to lose this game.  First on Yates, he showed that he belongs, at least for now, in this game.  Nice arm, pretty good decisions and hey it always helps to have Arian Foster behind you gashing defenses.  Not only did he play reasonably well but the Texans also lost Andre Johnson again and still won.  I have no faith in the Falcons anymore.  Inquisitive Mind 2 - 2 for the week.  

New York Jets @ Washington - The Jets tried to lose this game and then The Shanny's and Grossman stepped up to give the game away.  I can't root for the Redskins with the Shanny combo and Grossman at the helm.  I love their defense and if they were healthy on that side of the ball, whew!!!  Even in the win, Sanchez still gives me heartburn every time he drops back to throw a pass.  The Jets want to win out the rest of their games, and it's gonna be close.  Inquisitive Mind 3 - 2 for the week.  

Indianapolis @ New England - This one wasn't easy and it was hard to tell which locker room you were in when they did post game interviews.  The Colts battled back to lose by 7, but the Patriots were as mad as I've seen them in years.  Inquisitive Mind 4 - 2 for the week.  

Oakland @ Miami - I was tweeting during this game and the question came up 'Why did the Raisders travel all the way across the country for this game (because of how they were playing)?'.  My answer,...so they could get frequent flyer miles.  That pretty much explains this game.  Maybe Reggie Bush's career is starting over post Kardashian-gate.  Inquisitive Mind 4 - 3 for the week.  

Denver @ Minnesota - I told you, that Tebow is special and he just WINS!!!!  No, he wasn't the sole reason but ask anyone on that team and they know that no matter what happens they have a chance with that dude on the field.  What are the Broncos going to do with ol'Tebow?  Looks more and more like a trade to Jacksonville (@edthesportsfan I know that will make you happy).  Inquisitive Mind 5 - 3 for the week.  

Tennessee @ Buffalo - The Bills didn't show up and they got beat.  Yes it was close, but you would have though that they would have had more of a sense of urgency with this game.  I will say this, Chris Johnson is back.  Inquisitive Mind 5 - 4 for the week.  

Kansas City @ Chicago - Yes, I'm still on the Hanie bandwagon.  People are all over Hanie but please take a moment to rethink.  He had one TD back for an illegal procedure (not covering the tackle by Barber) and  he had another TD taken away because he threw the ball to Roy Williams.  The defense couldn't get off the field and they let a hail mary connect right before the half which ended up being the difference.  The biggest issue is that Forte got hurt.  Without Forte you get a lot more of Barber and maybe a little more of Kahlil Bell.  The Bears should have won this game, but losing this one and the injuries may end their season.  Inquisitive Mind 5 - 5 for the week.  

Baltimore @ Cleveland - Well, this was about as sound as the Ravens have played since that Week 1 performance against the Steelers.  Ray rice getting over 200 yards on the ground and limiting Flacco's throws may be the blueprint for the Ravens to win it all.  Yes, I'm saying that, win it all.  Inquisitive Mind 6 - 5 for the week.  

Dallas @ Arizona - These are the games that make me wonder whether the Cowboys are cursed in some fashion.  It came down to Garrett icing his own kicker and losing the game in overtime on a screen pass.  Tony Romo is somewhere smiling that it wasn't him this week.  Inquisitive Mind 6 - 6 for the week.  

Green Bay @ New York Giants - I could root for the Giants if it weren't for one thing, Eli Manning.  I just don't trust him.  (Soapbox) Eli Manning is average.  He's played well this year, but his entire body of work is average.  He actually played well in this game, but his defense let him down.  To he77 with Eli.  (Off soapbox) Inquisitive Mind 7 - 6 for the week.  

St. Louis @ San Francisco - Add some luster to that 49ers squad and they destroyed the hapless Rams.  There's a hugenot in MD who is probably very volatile right now.  Inquisitive Mind 8 - 6 for the week. 

Detroit @ New Orleans - Well at least the Saints continued shooting.  The Lions ran out of bullets.  Inquisitive Mind 9 - 6 for the week.  

San Diego @ Jacksonville - The Chargers tried to lose this game, but I guess they are trying to save Norv's job.  If they approach that the way they approach the season each year,...he'll be gone by Christmas.  Inquisitive Mind 10 - 6 for the week.  

OK, not such a bad week, but I can't make up ground this way.  That puts us at 119-70-2 for the year.  Just me and Jaws still in the 119's, eh? 

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