Saturday, December 17, 2011

2011-12 NFL Week 15 Picks

Late to the game for picks this week.

Jacksonville @ Atlanta - would have picked the Falcons but didn't do it in time.

Dallas @ Tampa Bay - Cowboys need this win badly. Can they pull this off? Winner - Cowboys.

Carolina @ Houston - The Texans defense should help them slow down Cam Newton and their balanced attack on offense should give the Panthers problems.  Winner - Texans.

Washington @ New York Giants - Yes, I could see the Shanny's (Redskins) win this game.  I'm just not sold on these Giants.  They can run the bell and have dangerous options in the passing game, but for some reason they don't bring it each week.  I just can't put my finger on it, but I have to go with those Giants this week.  Winner - Giants

Miami @ Buffalo - The warm and fuzzy that we got from the Bills earlier in the season is long gone.  This team is reverting back to the Bills of recent years.  Miami is a decent team but they have been bringing it each week, no quit in this team.  The Bills gotta show up this week, right?  Winner - Bills.

Seattle @ Chicago - Ok, let me say, I was on the Caleb Hanie bandwagon and I still think that I am.  This team can win with him at the QB, but it's harder since they don't have Forte back there to take some pressure off of him.  Tough spot to be in, but I also am worried about this Bears defense that can't seem to get turnovers and get off the field.  The Seahawks have actually played well as of late with Lynch leading the way. Can he continue to pound the Bears this week?  Winner - Seahawks.

New Orleans @ Minnesota - Saints all day.  Winner - Saints

Cincinnati @ St. Louis - The Rams are playing terribly and the Bengals are actually still in the hunt.  Look for the Bengals and Andy Dalton to have a big game this week.  Winner - Bengals.

Tennessee @ Indianapolis - Can the Colts get a win this week?  I'm not betting on it unless the Titans turn the ball over a lot.  Winner - Titans.

Green Bay @ Kansas City - Do we really have to think about this one?  The only question is whether the Packers pull their starters early.  Winner - Packers.

Detroit @ Oakland - Should be a good one with Suh returning and a chance to get after Carson Palmer today.  Winner - Lions

New England @ Denver - Tebow Mania meets the Aura of Brady.  Which one wins out?  I actually think that Tebow looks good in this game against that terrible Patriots defensive backfield.  Winner - Broncos

New York Jets @ Philadelphia - The Eagles can only play spolier now.  If the Eagles can win this game they take Rex with them home for the playoffs.  Winner - Eagles

Cleveland @ Arizona - The Cardinals have to win this game.  A lot of beanie Wells and as little Kolb as possible.  Winner - Cardinals

Baltimore @ San Diego - The Ravens get Ray Lewis back (hopefully) and they have an opportunity to clinch their playoff spot with a win.  They'll get it done.  Winner - Ravens

Pittsburgh @ San Francisco - The Steelers need this game, but with them hurting on both sides of the ball it's going to be a tough game.  The 49ers have a chance to steal a game and just make it that much tougher for teams in the NFC.  I think in a slight upset you'll see the 49ers walk away with the win.  Winner - 49ers.

Who you got?!?!?!?!

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