Thursday, December 08, 2011

2011-12 NFL Week 14 Picks

Real quick. Got Steelers tonight. Rest of picks coming later. Who you got?!?!

Kansas City @ New York Jets - The Jets need this win to keep alive their playoff hopes.  The Chiefs don't have me comfortablye enough to pick them, but again, I can see this Chiefs team, even with Tyer Palko, playing the Jets tough.  The Jets still have to solve the issue that is their qb, but maybe they have enough to make it this week.  Winner - Jets.

Tampa Bay @ Jacksonville - The Bucs need a win anyway they can get one.  The Jaguars want a win, or maybe they don't (Luck or RGIII anyone??), but this should be an entertaining game.  Both teams have bruising running backs and pretty good defenses.  I think I can flip a coin.  Winner - Jaguars.   

New England @ Washington - Not much to say here.  Winner - Patriots

Atlanta @ Carolina - Great game and good opportunity for Cam to get another win under his belt.  It's going to be tough for the Panthers since they have lost almost half of their starting defense and people seem to forget that.  The Falcons gotta play better to make a push for the playoffs and I think they right the ship today.  Winner - Falcons.

Indianapolis @ Baltimore - I have said all year that the Colts are going to get at least one win and there have been teams that they match up well against and I'm hoping that it's not this week.  Winner - Ravens

Philadelphia @ Miami - Here we go again.  On talent, the Dolphins shouldn't win this game.  On the way these two teams have played, the Dolphins should win this game.  I think my heart is going to get me in trouble.  Winner - Eagles

Minnesota @ Detroit - Two teams going in the same direction.  The Vikings have a better defense.  Still no running game for the Lions.  I think Joe Webb is starting.  Winner - Vikings

New Orleans @ Tennessee - The Saints play outside for the last time and against a dangerous Titans team.  Chris Johnson is back and I expect the Titans will lean on him to keep Drew Brees on the sidelines as much as possible.  I'm not sure that Saints defense can stop the run consistently.  Not sure that Titans defense can stop Brees.  Close game.  Winner - Saints

Houston @ Cincinatti - Can TJ Yates go 2-0?  If he's smart, yes.  Winner - Texans.

Chicago @ Denver - Tebow mania continues and they get a reeling Bears team who has to have a win or they are done for the season.  Caleb Hanie has struggled a little, but so have his receivers and he's lost his #1 running back in Forte.  It'll be tough, but I think the Bears pull this one out.  Winner - Bears

San Francisco @ Arizona - 49ers all the way, right? Winner - 49ers.

Buffalo @ San Diego - Buffalo is officially done.  I mean they've had the opportunity to make the playoffs with a strong start but they have faltered during this last stretch.  The Chargers need this win to make their season worth something and possibly win the AFC West.  Winner - Chargers

Oakland @ Green Bay - Well, congrats to my son for being one of the new owners of the Green Bay Packers and with him at the helm and making decisions, I think he'll keep this team winning.  Winner - Packers

New York Giants @ Dallas - Maybe the Cowboys won't call another bad timeout this week?  This is a battle for the NFC East lead.  Can the Cowboys pull it off at home?  Giants come in with a good chance of pulling this off if they can run the ball like they did last week.  Lots of animosity between these two teams, so I'm expecting some big time hitting.  Winner - Cowboys

St. Louis @ Seattle - Two bad teams.  The Rams are toothless this year and this may end up being Spagnola's last as their head coach.  The Seahawks have been looking good over the last two weeks and will probably benefit from their 12th man.  Winner - Seahawks

Who you got?!?!?!?

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