Thursday, June 24, 2010

2010 NBA Draft Recap (Picks 11-20)

New Orleans – Cole Aldrich
Safe pick. Aldrich can hit a medium range jumper, he can rebound, and although he may not be the most athletic guy on the court, I like what he does. He should be able to play the PF spot at times. He put up decent numbers playing with a shoot first point guard, so just imagine what he’ll do with Chris Paul.

Memphis Grizzlies – Xavier Henry
A little of a reach, well, maybe not a reach but Henry didn’t show us his game until the latter part of the year. He brings additional scoring to a team that lacks wing scoring (yes, OJ is in the backcourt). He’s a Kansas project and they normally turn out to be decent players, so I expect that Henry will work out well in Memphis.

Toronto Raptors – Ed Davis
I liked this guy last year and I watched a lot of ACC ball. I will say this, I thought that Deon Thompson was more polished of the two big men at UNC, but Davis just oozed of potential. He’s long, he’s athletic, but a little on the thin side. He’s in the mold of a Chris Bosh kind of guy, so the Raptors won’t start at ground zero when Bosh walks.

Houston Rockets – Patrick Patterson
Love this pick. Yes, Patterson is a little bit of a tweener (6’9”, 240 lbs), but he’s a player that can come in and play day 1. He showed that he has an inside and outside game and good basketball sense.

Milwaukee Bucks – Larry Sanders
Decent pick for the Bucks. Definitely a big that can run with Maggette and Jennings. Still working on his game on the offensive side, but a decent pick none the less.

Minnesota Timberwolves – Luke Babbitt (Traded to Blazers)
Good shooter who can stretch the floor. The issue is whether he’ll be able to guard someone in the NBA. He’s too small to guard a 4 and too slow to guard a 3. Gotta find a system for him to play in. He’ll be a good bench player for the Blazers that can provide scoring off the bench.

Chicago Bulls – Kevin Seraphin
A French guy named Kevin, that should say it all. He’s a pick for the Wizards (from the Kirk Hinrich trade) that will stay over in Europe for a while. Not very polished, but could come into his own in a few years. I think this was too high for Seraphin, but the Wizards are building a team so they can afford stash him for a while.

Oklahoma City Thunder – Eric Bledsoe (Traded to Clippers)
Great pick for the Thunder (what?), well not the Thunder, Bledsoe was traded to the Clippers. Good pickup and good combo guard. Maybe this means that the Clippers are expecting Steve Blake to walk this summer. We’ll see if Bledsoe can make the transition to PG in the NBA.

Boston Celtics – Avery Bradley
A big combo guard that can hopefully give Rondo a breather every now and then. He can also fill in that shooter role, to some extent, if Ray Allen leaves. Hopefully the Celtics keep this pick, although he may not ever see the home locker room in Beantown.

San Antonio Spurs – James Anderson
A scorer and slasher that can offset some of what you may lose as Ginobli gets older/hurt. He’s a bigger guard that could possibly guard some 3’s in the league. Definitely someone that can come in and play right away. He’ll have some good coaching in Pop.

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