Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Catching Up on NFL and NBA


The New York Giants are celebrating their Super Bowl win with their ticker tape parade today.  I have to say congrats to them for a hard fought win against a good New England Patriots team.  I will say this though, I am not on board with this Eli Manning to the Hall of Fame and how he's become a top QB in the league.  I think a lot of that should be tempered as this great year that Eli had was the outlier.  His previous body of work has been somewhat middling (he's averaged 16+ INTs a year vs. 23+ TDs a year).  He's a good guy and has definitely grown as a leader, but let's all just hold off of this Eli is THE MAN for now.  (Take a look at the other QBs that we're talking about being the best in the game).

Avg TDs (since 2004)
Avg INTs (since 2004)
Eli Manning
Drew Brees
Tom Brady*
Aaron Rodgers**
Ben Roethlisberger
Philip Rivers

*Includes a year of 0 TDs and 0 INTs due to injury
**Includes spot duty behind Favre; started in 2008


LA Clippers - Count Chauncey Billups as the first person to encounter the Clippers Curse.  Billups has torn his left Achilles and will miss the remainder of the year (my opinion, but you'll see later today).  Mo Williams, now it's your turn to step in and see if you can help this team as a starter.  The big question is whether the Clippers can reach out and get JR Smith.  If so, let's just hope that he leaves his sister and girlfriend at home. 

LA Lakers - Kobe passes the Big Speed Bump (Shaq) on the Lakers all-time scoring list.  Shaq was effusive in his praise for the young Kobe, and maybe there is hope that the two of them can kiss and make up after a few years.  More importantly is Kobe is wishing for some kind of move that will get him Championship #6.  Can the Lakers pull a Howard trade, or maybe steal Deron Williams from the Nets?  If the Lakers get one or both of these deals done, look out for the Black Mamba in the playoffs. 

New York Knicks - Run out and get your Jeremy Lin jerseys now.  The Ivy League grad is actually balling for the Knicks and just helped them beat a Jazz team (above .500) without Amare and Melo (for most of the game, UPDATE - Melo will be out for 1-2 weeks with hammy injury).  I can easily say that Lin is the best POINT guard on the team.  Baron Davis is a shell of a shell of himself and no one knows if and when his back will work correctly.  Douglas and Shumpert, both ACC guys, are more scorers than true point guards.  I think going forward the Knicks gotta start Lin and bring Shump off the bench for scoring and defense. 

Dallas Mavericks - Jason Kidd is still shelved and although no one is rushing him back, one thing we can see is that this compacted schedule is no joke for these older players.  Dirk has been chided for being out of shape and we've seen from an overall level that the NBA off-season, really means what it says it means.

Denver Nuggets - Just as the creamy Nuggets were finding their legs in this compacted season they've been dealt a blow with the injury to Danilo Gallinari.  Gallinari chipped a bone in his foot and we're not sure how long he'll be out.  Gallo was ballin up until this point and although the Nuggets say they don't have that go to player, I think Gallo was that guy.  He's averaging a little over 17 pts per game and with his height and mobility he can provide several mismatches for opposing teams.  Get well soon Gallo, the Nuggets need you. 

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