Thursday, March 15, 2012

NCAA Tournament Time

Okay, it's close to that time.  The NCAA tournament kicks off today and for the rest of March we will all be mad.  Yes, I'm a little old school in saying that the tournament kicks off today even though there have been games already played.  If you aren't a parent of those kids or attend any of those schools, you really don't care and know today is THE day. 

I've joined a few different online pick'em pools and I hope that the Yahoo pool allows me to win that $5M for the perfect bracket.  Check out these links for chances to join the following pools:

@Lizzs_Lockeroom here  

@theSFjournal here

Hurry up, it's not too late to join, but you gotta get movin!!!  For your viewing pleasure, here are some of my brackets and yes, it hurts me to pick UNC. 

Who you got?!?!?!

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