Sunday, December 13, 2009

NFL Week 14 Picks

After that debacle on Thursday night, we definitely have some work to do.

New Orleans @ Atlanta - No chance for the Falcons. No Turner, No Ryan, and basically a rookie starting at QB. At least they are at home. Winner - Saints.

Green Bay @ Chicago - Should actually be a good game if you're a Packers fan. You get to go to Chicago and beat your arch rival. Probably badly. Winner - Packers.

New York Jets @ Tampa Bay - This is going to be a very interesting game. No Sanchez and the Bucs have been playing well. I think the Bucs enjoy a close win at home and maybe we'll see Ryan crying again afterwards. Winner - Bucs.

Miami @ Jacksonville - This is the Jaguars 'down' week and they get a Dolphins team that is making this AFC East race a little tougher. Tough pick, good weather game (minus the possible storms). My gut tells me to go with the hungrier team. Winner - Dolphins.

Detroit @ Baltimore - The Ravens need a win and they get the Lions. You're welcome. Winner - Ravens.

Seattle @ Houston - Which team shows up? The hungry Texans team or the Seahawks team from last week? This is a coin flip. Winner - Texans.

Denver @ Indianapolis - Ought to be a good game. The Colts are looking to stay undefeated and then they get a Denver team that needs a win to keep pace with the Chargers. This is a home game for the Colts and I'm not sold on the Broncos being able to win the big ones yet. Winner -

Buffalo @ Kansas City - Two bad teams. Kansas City plays well at home and I think they get a win against a bad Bills team. Winner - Chiefs.

Cincinnati @ Minnesota - A great game. The Bengals bring a good resume into the Metrodome and they get a wounded Vikings team. When will the Vikings work on their running game? Hopefully they'll start today. Winner - Vikings.

Carolina @ New England - Two banged up teams. Brady is hurt and purportedly at about 70%. The two running backs from the Panthers, Stewart and Williams, are dinged up. Adalius Thomas won't start because he called out Belicheat. Anybody ready for some football? Winner - Patriots.

Washington @ Oakland - Yes the Raiders did the unthinkable last week, but no way they do it two games in a row. I'm liking the Redskins again. Winner - Redskins.

St. Louis @ Tennessee - Vince Young is banged up and they get the Rams at home. Worst case scenario, the Titans might have to play Collins and they should still win. Winner - Titans.

San Diego @ Dallas - Can the Cowboys win in December? I can't knowingly pick the Cowboys. Winner - Chargers.

Philadelphia @ New York Giants - The Giants haven't showed me anything. I started the season saying that this front 4 could be the most dangerous in the league and look what has happened? The Eagles need a win and should have explosive Jackson back in the lineup. Winner - Eagles.

Arizona @ San Francisco - Can the 49ers slow down this Cardinals team? I'm not sure, but you never count out a Samurai Mike led team. Winner - Cardinals.

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