Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Tiger By the Tail?

Well, it seems, according to ABC news, that Tiger and Elin are getting a divorce. Well, Elin is divorcing Tiger based on his indiscretions. Can we say that we didn't see this coming? I guarantee that she goes for the money. All I can hear is Jesper Parnevik saying 'Elin loved him and it wasn't about the money or fame'. Jesper essentially gave Elin the Megamillions numbers when he hooked her up with Tiger. Don't give me she was a model and all that, she was a nanny for Jesper. With that said, her being with Tiger or leaving him means she has access to the world, regardless. I just hope that Tiger had a good attorney to draw up that pre-nup. Cut her a check for her $20+ million and tell her to burn the road up is what I say. Tiger has made over a billion dollars. Cut her a check for $60 million and invite the boys over to the crib for the party.
Tiger will make it past this. It really wasn't a big deal from the beginning, but the media sunk their horns into it. Yes he made a mistake, but always remember, no one sin is bigger than the next. What's your take?

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South Loop Social Light said...

Tiger made the decision to get married, he also made the decision to keep a harem of women. I mean, he has chicks coming out the wood works talking about all the cheating he was doing. I think cheating is so common in marriages that people don't really seem to look at the fact that these 2 people made the decision to stand before their friends, family, God... and pledge themselves to one another. I think Tiger fucked this up on his own accord and she deserves whatever money she gets. I don't think he made a mistake. I think he got caught up and had no way to get out of it. It's humiliating for her stand by his side while he tries to back peddle out of the mess he got THEM into.

I think people shouldn't get married unless that lifelong commitment is what they want. Cheating is getting old.