Monday, April 18, 2011

Eastern Conference Playoffs Round 1 - Wrap Up Game 1's

Let's do a quick recap.

Bulls vs. Pacers - Talk about the one that got away?  The Pacers should have won this game.  Outside of the heroics of one Derrick Rose, the Bulls would have opened the 2011 Playoffs with an 'L'.  (Hint to the Bulls, no more night before partying and then coming out flat against a Pacers team you should beat with ease).  Psycho T had a helluva game and almost won it for the Pacers (he picked Boozer pocket at the 3 point line?).  I don't think that the Pacers play this well again in this series, but the Bulls have got to also play better.  I am going to say it, if I haven't already, but a team with a mean streak is going to start putting Rose on the deck.  Wait for it.  You can't let a dude just score 39 on you.  He did have 21 free throw attempts, but he should have had ice on all parts of his body.  Good win for the Bulls when everyone but Rose played badly. 

Heat vs. Sixers - The Heat must have watched the Bulls play and they decided that they would get down early and then try and mount a comeback.  The Heat are going to need more than the Big 3 to get into double figures.  If Lou Williams hits a few more shots, this may have been a loss for the Heat.  In the end it's a 'W' and that's all that really matters, but the Heat can't allow this Sixers team to even think that they can win.  Thaddeus Young, great game and he almost brought his team all the way back. 

Magic vs. Hawks - Wow!!!  I'm not talking about Dwight Howard either.  Welcome home Joe Johnson!!!!  Johnson was the aggressor for the Hawks and he ended the game with 25 pts (9 of 16 shots, 7 of 8 free throws).  Might he finally live up to that contract?  The answer is no, but he should be the man on that team, even if it only means because of the money.  Yes, Howard had a monster game (46 pts, 16 of 23, 14 of 22 from the line, and 19 rebounds) but the rest of his team disappeared.  I like the tactic that the Hawks are going with, we'll let Howard get his but stop the rest of the Magic players because (I don't) they don't think that Howard can beat them by himself.  We'll see if this strategy works in the long run, but for one game it was king.  Congrats to Howard for winning the Defensive Player of the Year. 

Celtics vs. Knicks - Well there goes the series.  With Chauncey out for Game 2 and possibly hampered for the rest of the series, it's over for the Knicks.  Yes, the Celtics are going to have to play these games, but they shouldn't allow the Knicks to think they can win this.  Allen hits a big 3 and all is well in Boston.  Melo disappeared for a little in the 4th but they really didn't need him now that they have the new and improved Amare Stoudamire.  I am still sitting here wondering if he actually dunked the ball against KG.  I mean I saw him go to the rack, and then the ball was on the ground, but the Celtics took it out of bounds.

We can at least say that these playoffs are very exciting and that's with just the Game #1's.  Who you got?   

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Delsin said...

That was Indy's one and only chance to change the series. I think the Bulls take the next 3, and win tonight by more than 10.