Monday, April 18, 2011

Western Conference Playoffs Round 1 - Wrap Up Game 1's

And now the West,......

Spurs vs. Grizzlies - Just for a second I thought that everyone, including Charles Barkley, was going to be wrong after Matt Bonner hit his second 3 late in this game, but the Grizzlies didn't fold.  Tony Allen almost gave the game away with some missed free throws, but in the end it was the newly signed Zach Randolph (4 years, $71M) and Marc Gasol that proved to be the difference in this matchup.  The Spurs really missed Ginobili with the game on the line and it showed.  The Grizzlies stole one from the Spurs at home and now they have win Game 2 to keep it going.  Great shot by Battier there at the end, nothing like a veteran presence.  Duncan looked good, so maybe that rest all season really helped out.

Lakers vs. Hornets - Please go and look at what I wrote here, and then read the rest.  Paul came out and got his 33 pts, 14 asts, 7 rebs (all defensive), and 4 stls.  That's not quite what I said, but that's damn close.  This is all fools gold anyway.  The Hornets can't play this well for 4 games, so I imagine that they lose this series 4-1 now instead of the 4-0 prediction.  The sad part is that Kobe had a chance, twice, late in the game to bring his team back and he couldn't.  He missed two layups and didn't get any calls.  Is this how it ends for him?  Kobe actually looked human on Sunday.  He can't do that again if Gasol plays as bad as he did, if the Lakers expect to win.

Thunder vs. Nuggets - The refs had better be in shape for this series because these two teams are going to run and put up numbers.  Nene should be outlawed in about 25 states the way he is abusing the rims.  I haven't seen any big man just dunk on people like he did in this Game 1 and the Thunder for the most part were watching the entire time.  Give Westbrook his props (that's aimed at some of my co-workers) because he balled for this team.  With Westbrook the Thunder can't put up enough points to win this series against this loaded (did you see the ease with which Gallinari was shooting the rock, Chandler played well, and both point guards for Denver pushed the rock) Nuggets team.

Mavs vs. Blazers - Ho hum,....another well intentioned badly reffed game that helped the Mavs win this down the stretch.  Are the refs trying to make it up to Dirk from their calls when the Mavs played the Heat for the title a few years ago?  Dirk had 13 free throw attempts in the 4th quarter.  Stop, read it again, 13 free throw attempts.  Not much else to say.  The Blazers have got to win Game 2 or they may get bounced early.

What game did you enjoy the most?  Who you got?    

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