Monday, April 30, 2012

2012 NBA Playoffs - Game 1 Recaps

A very exciting NBA Playoff weekend this was.  So much happened, but I will start with the bad news first,....

Bulls vs. 76ers - For anyone who watched this game, your heart had to go out to Derrick Rose when you saw this injury.  He has been nicked up all year long and probably needed some more time, but it is what it is.  I don't think having him out there put him in anymore danger than him running in the lay up line, but it didn't look good for Thibs.  I felt like the Bulls should have saved Derrick from himself during these injuries.  You know he knows how to play one way and that's full tilt, so you gotta slow him down and sit him a few more games.  If you didn't read, check this out.  Bulls should still beat the 76ers, but we'll see what happens next round.  A possible suspension could still mean ECF for the Bulls. 

Heat vs. Knicks - Well we know that LBJ might have wrapped up that MVP trophy with his performance, even if it was against the Knicks.  The Heat looked awesome in their Game 1 rout, but this Knicks team won't go quietly.  They got hit with the injury bug also with Shump out (ACL), Chandler questionable (flu), and Baron Davis questionable (back).  I would really like to see this Knicks squad at full strength against the Heat, but we'll have to wait till next year for that. 

Pacers vs. Magic - The Pacers let one get away in this series and if they continue to play like this, they are going to look back on this series and want to just throw up.  Everyone on the Pacers has got to step up and forget Game 1, and get back to doing what they do, defense and consistent (although not spectacular) offense.  Note to the Pacers guards, if the clock is running down and you have not gotten the ball to Granger or West, you are doing something wrong.  

Thunder vs. Mavericks - Ok, let me see how this works.  You lose and Dirk didn't get enough calls.  Last year Dirk averaged close to 13 free throws a game in the Finals (someone check me on this), but he probably didn't get enough calls then either.  OKC won a close one, which is something that I think each team will have to do, win close games.  Dirk vs. KD is gonna be good for the rest of this series.

Spurs vs. Jazz - Well, the Spurs looked great and the Jazz looked,....most of them looked pretty good,...but they were lacking in one position on the floor.  I'll let you figure it out, but they have got to change what they are doing or this is going to be a quick series that will give the Spurs some rest.

Lakers vs. Nuggets - All of that Howard for Bynum trade talk is essentially out the window.  The Lakers would be crazy to trade for Howard straight up.  Bynum's triple double with blocks, speaks volumes to what he can bring to the table along with some post moves (something Howard has none of).  Kobe quietly had a bad game and the Lakers win.  Just what people don't need to hear if you're anti-Lakers.  The Nuggets have to pick up the pace or they will be home in 3 more. 

Celtics vs. Hawks - Will he or won't he get suspended?  Hammer has to fall relatively quickly since there's 48 hours between games.  I think Rondo has to be suspended 1 game and the Hawks have got to make the Celtics pay for that.  Josh Smith showed all of the things (good and bad) that make him the player he is, but if he concentrates on shooting 15ft jumpers and working around the rim, this Hawks team will win.  Jeff Teague is slowly showing us that he can be a legitimate starter in this league. 

Grizzlies vs. Clippers - No, I didn't watch the game all the way through.  The wife wanted to turn to see Real Housewives (don't know which one), but I said, let me watch this for a minute.  Paul got a T, and the Grizzlies seemed to be shooting like they were at Dave and Busters (hitting everything).  I go to sleep and while I'm getting ready for work, I see the score flash across the bottom of Sportscenter,....can't be right.  I watch the highlights and I'm still not convinced that the Clippers came back from 27 down to win Game 1.  Someone tell me I'm in a different universe or something because THAT didn't just happen. 

Check out each series and my picks:  Grizzlies vs. Clippers, Celtics vs. Hawks, Lakers vs. Nuggets, Spurs vs. Jazz, Thunder vs. Mavericks, Heat vs. Knicks, Bulls vs. 76ers, Pacers vs. Magic

Who you got?!?!?

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