Monday, April 02, 2012


Who's your NBA 6th Man?  I think this is a close race, but I am surprised at who's on the leader board for this one.  Maybe the numbers do lie, and right now they seem to be a dayum lie.

1.       Brandan Wright
6.4 ppg
3.1 rpg
0.3 apg,
62.7 FG%
14.9 minutes per game
2.       Tiago Splitter
9.2 ppg
5.1 rpg,
1.2 apg
60.2 FG%
19.8 minutes per game
3.       James Harden
17.1 ppg
4.1 rpg
3.8 apg
49.3 FG%
31.9 minutes per game
4.       Thaddeus Young
12.7 ppg
5.1 rpg
1.2 apg
49.6 FG%
28.0 minutes per game
5.       Taj Gibson
7.8 ppg
5.1 rpg
0.7 apg
50.3 FG%
19.8 minutes per game

NYSTOM, James Harden has got to be THE 6th man of the Year because of the work that he has done and the fact that his team is battling for the top spot in the NBA, not only the Western Conference.  He does get a lot of minutes because they are willing to throw him out there, but he's gotta be #1. 

Who you got?!?!?!

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