Thursday, September 17, 2015

2015-16 NFL Week 2 Picks

Denver @ Kansas City
The Broncos come into KC with the media (and everyone else) wondering if Manning is done and a great defense.  The Broncos escaped with a win last week against Baltimore, more because of their defense than anything they were able to do on the offensive side of the ball.  Rumors swirled around Manning's arm strength and whether the noodle is already gone week 2 into the season.  I won't say that this is the biggest game of the season but this is the first match-up of the two teams many expected to be fighting for the AFC West title and possibly one of the teams headed to the Superbowl.

Denver brings their defense to town and the Chiefs are trying to up the ante with there's.  The Chiefs have to love the fact that they are going against an immobile QB and if they can keep the Broncos in 3rd and long situations, they'll know exactly what spot Manning will be in.  On offense, I imagine that we'll see more of Jamaal Charles split out to put him in one on one situations with the Broncos LBs.  Can Alex Smith repeat his performance from week 1?  If he does, the Chiefs might be big winners at home.  

Winner – Chiefs

Houston @ Carolina

The Panthers found a way to win last week and look to do the same this week.  I'll say it again, I don't know who Cam Newton is going to throw the ball to.  Last week it was Jerricho Cotchery, but someone else has got to step up.  With Houston and this defense coming to Charlotte, they are going to have to run the ball to have a chance.  On defense, the Panthers star, Luke Kuechly  hasn't been cleared to play and the Panthers may want to be cautious with rushing him back.

The Texans are already changing their QBs.  Ryan Mallet gets the start and it seems like Hoyer may be the backup for the rest of the year (life comes at you fast).  This Texans defense played well last week and hope to continue that with the homecoming of Jadeveon Clowney being a big story this week. I'm sure his people from SC will make the trek to Charlotte.  Should be a good game.

Winner - Texans

San Francisco @ Pittsburgh

The Steelers have had some time to heal from their butt whuppin given to them by the Patriots.  They better hope that better equipment was really the reason behind their play on that Thursday night opener.  Looks like the offense is just counting the games to Leveon Bell returns, but the Steelers defense has got to at least line up correctly this game and show us something.  

The 49ers come off a strong showing against the Vikings.  Again, this offense looks rudimentary but as long as Kaep is comfortable, they have a chance.  This 49ers defense should have Steelers fans crying for the days that their defense was this dominant.  

Winner - 49ers

Tampa Bay @ New Orleans

Talking about being comfortable, that's something that Drew Brees wasn't last week and looks to be that way all year long.  This Saints team feels like a rebuilding year, but they are still pushing forward and trying to fix/rebuild this car (team) while they're on the road driving it.  The Saints have to run the ball a little more and let Brees pick his spots.  Brees can't have 48 attempts again this week.  

Jameis shat the bed in his first start so the hope is that he can shake it off and play better.  Word is Mike Evans is 100% and returning from injury so he should have both of his tall dominant receivers to go along with tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins.  I am also looking for a pulse from this Bucs defense, since Lovie did not die on the cross for you guys to play this horribly.  

Winner - Bucs

Detroit @ Minnesota

The Vikings have got to get back into Viking football.  That consists of feeding AP the ball and I expect that he'll get at least 30 touches this game.  AP looked out of sync last game, almost like he missed playing football for a year.  Once that ground game gets going, you take some of the pressure off of young Teddy Bridgewater and I think this Viking team starts winning.

The Lions might have it this year and by 'it' I'm talking about a chance to play for the division title. They've normally had the talent but there was always something missing, but I like this all around team and it'll be exciting to see them get going.  Megatron was off his game last week also so I expect a big game between him and Stafford.

Winner - Lions

Arizona @ Chicago

The Bears come off a game where they actually played well, they just happened to run into the best QB in the game.  This is game number 2 at home and I could see the Bears getting a win with the same strategy as last week, run the ball and limit Cutler's mistakes in the passing game.  If they can do that, they'll keep this one close. 

The Cardinals can be electric on offense and Carson Palmer looks very good.  The Bears don't really have anyone that can cover the Cardinals wideouts so I expect big games from Fitzgerald, Floyd and the Brown brothers (I know they aren't brothers).  We'll see if Chris Johnson gets the start for the injured Andre Ellington and whether Johnson has anymore in the tank.  

Winner - Cardinals

New England @ Buffalo

Tyrod Taylor gets his first dance with the Patriots.  Belichek has always been good with scheming against new starters in the league so I'm sure he'll have something for Taylor.  Taylor just has to hand the ball off and pick his spots on offense and hope that the Bills defense is ready for the challenge.  

The Patriots are always ready and remember they have to very good TEs (one excellent and one good).  The Patriots will try to contain Taylor in the pocket and not allow him to make plays with his feet.  This is definitely must see TV.  

Winner - Bills

San Diego @ Cincinnati

The Bengals looked good last week and they are hoping to keep this one a contest.  They need to pound the ball and then let AJ Green expose this Chargers defense.  They can't let this game become a shootout, but they are going to have to put up points against the Chargers.  Rivers in a baseball hat is the best place for him if the Bengals want to win. 

The Chargers hope they have rested enough to put up numbers again this week.  They can't start slowly like they did last week but they gotta find a way to get stops on defense.  I've said that they are going to have to win shootouts all year long and the Bengals have enough firepower on offense to keep up with them, although the Chargers definitely have the better QB. 

Winner - Bengals

Tennessee @ Cleveland

This will be a long season for the Browns.  Manziel will probably start again and he's been limited at practice with an injured elbow.  Hopefully he's ready to go, but again, he doesn't have a lot of help on this Browns team.  Browns gonna have to run the ball a lot and keep Manziel from further hurting that arm.  

The Titans had a great first week with their rookie QB.  The only question is where do they go from here?  Prior to the season many felt the Titans didn't have anything in the cupboard and after one game some think otherwise.  I am actually still in the camp of them NOT having much to go along with Mariota.  I expect this to be a rough day at the office for him.  

Winner - Browns

Atlanta @ New York Giants

Hopefully Eli won't tell any of his players not to score again.  Giants are so much better when they run the ball and limit Eli (Mr. Turnover) from giving the ball away.  

The Falcons hope to keep up the swarming play that their defense exhibited against the Eagles.  If they can do that, this team will have taken several steps ahead of where they have been in the past few years.  Can we also get Matt Ryan to not turn the ball over a few times?  He's got the people to exploit the Giants secondary, but we'll see if he's Matty Ice or Matty Ice Water. 

Winner - Falcons

St. Louis @ Washington

They are the (redacted)!!!  They played terribly last week and the younger Gruden is going to have us believe that they are on the rise.  I think until they release RGIII this team won't do well.  It's gotta be karma.

The Rams come off a good game and a good win against the Seahawks.  The offense seemed to click last week and there are rumblings that they might have a certain rookie running back available this weekend, Todd Gurley.  Rams defense played well last week and I expect them to dominate this week too.

Winner - Rams

Miami @ Jacksonville

The Jaguars?  All I have to say is if Blake Bortles doesn't show up and be the QB that I thin he can be, we're gonna have to go down to Jacksonville and have a stern talking to with that young man.  He has a n opportunity to be good but he can't turn the ball over (out there impersonating Andrew Luck or Eli Manning).  

The Dolphins pissed into the wind last week and almost got it all over themselves.  They barely snuck out a win against the Dolphins and this week they have to play another team that many expect them to beat.  Can the Dolphins live up to the hype that many have for them this year or are we all doomed to what this underachieving team do just that again this year?  

Winner - Dolphins

Baltimore @ Oakland

Talk about playing terrible last week?  The Raiders lost their QB early because he didn't slide and from there it just went downhill.  Carr is one of these young QBs that has the skillset, but he's gotta be able to perform.  He has help and a pretty decent defense.  Carr you can't do it all and you shouldn't try to.  Spread it around and prosper. 

The Ravens start this game as Game 1 ATS (After Terrell Suggs).  Jason Babin was signed to replace Suggs and the Ravens will try to keep it rolling.  The hope is that they can get something going on offense too.  Steve Smith had a terrible game last week and I don't remember him ever having bad games back to back.  Will love to see how this defense responds to this challenge.  

Winner - Ravens

Dallas @ Philadelphia

Maybe in week 2 the Eagles offense will be in tune this week.  I know one thing, they better find a way to keep people off of Bradford or he won't make it an entire season.  He got a precautionary x-rays on his ankle after week 1 and that doesn't bode well for the oft-injured QB.  DeMarco Murray has got to have more than 9 yards this game, especially since he's going against his old team that let him go.  

The Cowboys are working without their star wideout in Dez Bryant for who knows how many weeks (4-8).  We expect this offensive line to dominate the Eagles and let one of the Murray replacements run on the Eagles defense.  If that doesn't happen Tony Romo will have a lot of attempts and maybe a mistake or two, so I think they'll be running the ball.  

Winner - Cowboys

Seattle @ Green Bay

Game of the week to me.  The Packers come off a pretty solid game against the Bears.  They lose Bulaga on the offensive line so that puts Aaron Rodgers' life at risk since the only fault that one could find with the Packers is their o-line.  Rodgers will have to worry about the Seahawks coming from just about everywhere this game.  Look for Lacy to have a big game.

The Seahawks are rebounding from their loss last week to the Rams on some questionable calls from their O coordinator and head coach.  Can they get it all working?  The defense missed Cam Chancellor but with no solution seemingly coming on that front, the Seahawks have got to get back to the type of football that allows them to win, run the ball with Lynch and then let their newly paid QB find his new target in Graham.

Winner - Seahawks

New York Jets @ Indianapolis

The Colts try to bounce back after a dismal showing last week.  TY Hilton is questionable so some other receiving targets are going to have to step up (Dwayne Allen and Andre Johnson, ahem!!).  The Colts offensive line was just that last week, offensive and they have to find a solution to keeping their QB up right for the majority of the game.  

The Jets, well, didn't look too bad last week.  Ryan Fitzpatrick played decently and the ground game led the way.  With the Colts defense being as soft as tissue paper, we actually might have a 250 yard rushing game for the Jets as a team.  

Winner - Jets

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