Thursday, September 24, 2015

2015-16 NFL Week 3 Picks

Washington @ New York Giants

The Giants come in 0-2 after giving up two W's in the 4th quarter of their last two games.  Eli has something to prove, even though he hasn't thrown a pick yet this year.  Giants fans, keep praying about this.  Not sure that the Giants are going to have enough talent to beat a surprising (redacted) team with OBJ and Ben Vereen being the top targets for Eli.  Giants are going to need their TE's (Donnell and Fells) to show up in this game.

The (redacted) are 1-1 after beating the Rams last week.  That was a game that many didn't think the (redacted) could pull off but they ran the ball and dominated both lines of scrimmage and upset the Rams.  They will need to continue that domination on and it should be easy against the Giants because their defensive line is an issue.  The only thing that can mes this 'W' up for the (redacted) is if they all of a sudden start turning the ball over.  This offense seems to work for Kirk Cousins.  

Winner – (Redacted) Washington

Atlanta @ Dallas

The Cowboys made a trade to bring in backup extraordinaire Sam Cassel, wait, not Sam, but Matt. No Dez. No Romo.  I would think that the Cowboys aren't too worried.  At least they started the season 2-0 and if they lose this game they aren't in such a bad spot.  The Cowboys defense is going to have to step up and stop Atlanta's offense and hope that whomever starts at WB Weeden/Cassel can get this offense moving.

The Falcons bring in a high powered offense and this year they actually have a pretty good defense. Expect a big game from Matty Ice and Julio Jones, but I'm looking to see how dominant this Falcons defense can be against an injured Cowboys offense.  Should be fun to watch.

Winner - Falcons

Indianapolis @ Tennessee

The Titans had a rough week 2 after an exciting performance in week 1.  This is a full rebuild for the Titans and Mariota doesn't have a lot of talent to help.  Luckily they are facing a struggling Colts team at home.  They have a chance to be a spoiler at home this weekend.  

The Colts come into this game and it's a must win in my eyes.  Andrew Luck has been turning the ball over like he's taken a page from Eli Manning.  That Colts offensive line is atrocious and we may have to pray for Luck in this game.  The Falcons will probably bring the blitz on a regular.  Luck is going to have to take what the defense gives him (short passes and he's gotta hope that he'll get a few opportunities down the field with T.Y. Hilton).     

Winner - Colts

Oakland @ Cleveland

So we're gonna bench Johnny Football?  After he won you the first game of the season?  And we're starting McNown?  Good luck Browns.  Good luck.   

The Raiders look to continue the good play that they showed last week against the Ravens.  Carr was able to pass to both Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree for over 100 yards each and the Raiders ran the ball well with Murray, the only Murray who's actually having a good season so far running the ball.    

Winner - Raiders

Cincinnati @ Baltimore

My Ravens gotta find a way to slow down people.  Last week was the first week without T. Sizzle and it really showed as the Raiders pretty much did what they wanted against the Ravens.  This week they get Andy Dalton and an opportunity to show that they can get to the QB and stop someone.  On offense, the Ravens didn't look as bad as they moved the ball, had a pretty good game from Steve Smith, and they put up 33 points.  Normally when a Ravens team puts up that many points, it's a cakewalk for them.  Here's to the Ravens developing a new attitude on defense and pulling out this 'W' in their first home game of the year.  Ravens can't afford to go 0-3 to start the season.

The Bengals are looking pretty good.  They come into to this game leading the AFC North by a game and if AJ Green wasn't listed as questionable they'd be 100% ready to go.  The Bengals are healthy and they should make it tough on the Ravens.

Winner - Bengals

Jacksonville @ New England

The Patriots are rolling as usual after their win against the Bills.  Nothing has changed for the Patriots, they just bring in new players (and old) and they get them on the field and run their scheme to perfection.  More Tom Brady, more Gronk, blah, blah, blah.  Same results, W's followed by more W's, an occasional 'L' and that's it.  

Good luck Jaguars.  Good luck.  

Winner - Patriots

New Orleans @ Carolina

I don't know how Cam keeps doing it but he is the reason this team keeps putting up numbers.  The only thing concerning about this team, outside of their WR limitations, is the fact that Luke Kuechly is still not cleared to play.  They are going to need him, so hopefully he is getting better from his concussion he sustained in week 1.  

There is lots of concern about Drew Brees shoulder/rotator cuff and that's the worst thing that an older QB whose arm strength has been questioned in the past needs to have around him.  The Saints haven't looked good this year and it doesn't look good this week either.  

Winner - Panthers

Philadelphia @ New York Jets

The surprising 2-0 Jets get a chance to add insult to injury to the Eagles.  The Jets have been decent on offense and they have two big receivers to go along with a sound running game.  Did I mention the defense is suffocating.  The AFC Defensive player of the week is Teddy Pendegrass (Darelle Revis) and he and the rest of this Jets team should feast on a limping Eagles squad.  Revis is day to day with a groin, but even on a short week, I expect him to play in this game.  

The Eagles have sucked the last two weeks and I mean sucked to the highest of sucktivity (yes I know that's note a word).  Can they turn it around?  Is Chip Kelly a farce?  Is this Eagles team doomed because of some of the personnel decisions that have been made?  All these answers will be revealed this week when they play the Jets (not really, but at least one of these questions will answered).  

Winner - Jets

Tampa Bay @ Houston

The Texans are again hamstrung by their QB play, but they hope that they can find a groove on offense.  That defense will put pressure on the rookie QB in Tampa Bay, but they are going to have to cover the two big receivers for Tampa and hope for the best.  

This is Jamies' rookie year, but the hope was that he'd have a supporting cast around him to help.  He has the weapons, but the offensive line has to give Jameis some room to throw the ball and this Bucs' team will be dangerous.  

Winner - Bucs

San Diego @ Minnesota

Now that was the Vikings team that I was expecting to see in week 1 of the season.  Again, this team has a chance when they run the ball and plays defense.  Teddy Bridgewater hasn't looked good yet but if the pre-season hype does come true, this Vikings team may actually fight for their division.  

The Chargers are participating in another shootout and they just gotta hope the offense can hold together a little while longer.  They will be starting their 3rd string TE due to suspension and injury. Prayers up for the scoreboard in this game.  

Winner - Vikings

Pittsburgh @ St. Louis

The Rams gotta be pissed that they slept on the Washington (redacted) last week and I expect them to bring the pain to the Steelers.  They might want to make sure they cover #84, he's good.

The Steelers are probably still throwing hte ball and scoring points based on last week's game.  Big Ben went off and Antonio Brown was damn near unstoppable last week.  This Steelers defense has got to find a way to make some stops, but they have some time and Le'Veon Bell will be coming back soon.

Winner - Rams

San Francisco @ Arizona

This is the Cardinals team that we have hoped to see the last few years.  They are healthy (relatively) and this offense is dynamic.  We might be looking at the NFC West champion? 

As good as the 49ers looked in week 1 they looked as bad last week.  We'll see if they can turn it around and make this a game.  

Winner - Cardinals

Buffalo @ Miami

The Dolphins need to find their rhythm if this in fact the year they win the AFC East   Lamar Miller, their normal workhorse on offense, is nursing an injury. That Dolphins defense has got to find s way to stop someone. 

The Bills will try to capitalize on their good play the last two weeks. Tyron Taylor has led this team on offense and McCoy has helped with his return.  The Bills defense should play well. 

Winner - Bills

Chicago @ Seattle

I expect the Seahawks to dominate this game on both sides of the ball. Good luck Bears. 

Winner - Seahawks

Denver @ Detroit

Detroit has got to protect their QB and running the ball. Looking for s big game from the rookie Abdullah on the ground and will expect lots of screen plays. 

Denver brings a great D to Detroit and they may feast on that Lions o-line. Manning will get to play indoors so we probably won't hear a lot about his arm strength in this game. 

Winner - Broncos

Kansas City @ Green Bay

The Packers have Aaron Rodgers and your team doesn't. They just keep finding ways to move on with injuries and they keep winning. They won't have Lacy in this game so I want to see how they fare against this Chiefs defense. 

The Chiefs are clicking on all cylinders already. Charles will provide the Packers defense problems with his versatility and speed and hopefully the Chiefd finally get a WR touchdown. 

Winner - Chiefs

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