Friday, January 23, 2009

NBA Round Up 1-23-09

Lot's going on in the NBA and it's time to catch up. It's getting near the NBA Trading (February 19th) deadline so you know that there are a lot of rumors running around.

Miami Heat - Shawn Marion is on the block. We all knew this was coming with his demands for a long term contract and at or near his present salary of $18M per year. If it's Kobe, yes, but Shawn Marion, ummmm no. Marion's name has been rumored involving Josh Howard and Jermaine O'Neal (since Alonzo retired). Marion is upset with all of the talk, but with Pat Riley as his GM, he better keep his bags packed.

Chicago Bulls - When will Paxson get it right? Just a few years ago, they had a good up and coming team and now they have a team going nowhere. Ben Gordon isn't happy (note his cussing out of his coach over a fine for being late to a meeting), Larry Hughes is on the block, they have no big men that can score, and (gulp) Luol Deng looks more like Scottie Pippen (well, not even that good) than anything close to Jordan. Sad situation in Chicago.

Golden State Warriors - Monta Ellis will make his debut tonight against the Cavs at home. More interesting is the fact that the Warriors seem intent on holding Ellis' incident over the summer over his head a little longer. They claim that they can still void the $66M deal that Ellis signed, even though Ellis' agent is fighting that. We understand the kid did something stupid, but I don't think that the organization is served by holding this over his head. If you don't think he can play because of the accident, void the contract. If you think he can, live with it.

Milwaukee Bucks - Seems newly minted Olympic gold medalist, Michael Redd, is on the block. Redd started the season off hurt, but right now the Bucks seem to be listening to offers for Redd. Big mistake if you ask me. He's the only person on that team that can consistently score from range.

Philadelphia 76ers - Talk about karma. You leave your old team at the alter (Clippers) and run off with a bride who offered you the world (Sixers) but things haven't been right for you since. Elton Brand will get back on the floor against the Knicks on Saturday, but this team has definitely got some ground to make up since they have started this season off terribly. Only in the East can they still be in line for the playoffs, but something good has got to happen for them soon.

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