Saturday, January 03, 2009

NFL Wild Card Weekend

Now that we have some time to think, let's take a look at the NFL playoffs. Today's games are going to be very good.

Atlanta @ Arizona - The Falcons come in with a strong performance over the last few weeks of the regular season. They have a great running game and a good QB who has wowed all of us with his composure and play over his first 16 games of his career. Now he gets playoff game number one. The Cardinals won their division and then limped into the playoffs. Anquan Boldin is hurting, but we know he won't miss this game for anything. Kurt Warner needs to get back into the groove for this team to win. With that said the Cardinals will need to use Edgerrin James a lot more. He's a veteran that still has game in him, and if you don't use him, I expect that he will become somewhat of a cancer (but if they lose, it's only for one game). Winner - Falcons.

Indianapolis @ San Diego - This is the hardest game for me to pick. The Colts have been on a roll as of late and they are playing their best ball as Peyton Manning (celebrating his 3rd MVP) is coming back nicely from that off season knee surgery. The Colts defense is starting to play well but they aren't getting off the field as fast as they used to. The Chargers have played like trash, well, isht all year long. The Broncos gave them a chance to win the AFC West and they did just that. LT is out with a groin tear (seems like last year again). With all of the injuries I should pick the Chargers because it's times like this that the wounded team wins. Winner - Colts.

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