Saturday, January 10, 2009

Barkley Benched

TNT has done something a lot of teams weren't able to do, bench Charles Barkley. Charles Barkley was pulled over in for suspicion of drunk driving in the suburb of Gilbert, Arizona. He failed a sobriety test and was booked. In light of this and the fact that his blood test came back saying he was two times over the limit for Arizona. So until this whole matter is finished, Barkley has hired a lawyer to represent him, Barkley will be off of TNT. This is TNT's loss. Barkley, Kenny, and EJ are probably the best basketball announcing team out there. Looking for you back on TV Charles, be safe.

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South Loop Social Light said...

He got stopped in Old Town, an area in Scottsdale where all the clubs/bars/restaurants are. The DUI task force out there is no joke. They used to set up by my house! Plus, he was just going to try and catch up with a jump off. Everyone in Arizona knows that they hand out was due to happen.