Wednesday, June 22, 2011

2011 NBA Draft Rumors and Notes

Tomorrow night is it, the 2011 NBA Draft, and the Cleveland Cavaliers are on the clock with the #1 pick.  As usual the rumors are spreading like wildfire as teams are doing their best to hide their interest in a certain player so that they don't have to move up in the draft to get them.  With all of this misdirection you tend to get lots of rumors, so let's take a look at a few and we'll discuss my take on them.  First up,.......

Lakers - Trade Pau Gasol to Minnesota for Kevin Love and #2 pick. 
Synopsis:  If you can get Minny to accept this deal, I do it all day long.  Not only can the Lakers get back Love who will work the boards (unlike Pau) but they also get an opportunity to draft a young player (I think Derrick Williams to address their SF need).  They lose some of the scoring that Pau provided at the beginning of last season, but still I'd do this everyday of the week and twice on Sunday. 

Spurs - Trade Tony Parker for a pick to either the Toronto Raptors (#5) or the Sacramento Kings (#7).
Synopsis:  I like George Hill but I don't think that this is a good move for the Spurs.  Who's the best player you can get at 5 through 7?  In this week draft class you're better off holding on to Parker and maybe doing this next year.  Just say 'no'.

Suns - Trade Steve Nash to Minnesota for the #2 pick.
Synopsis:  You could probably get a better deal if you're Phoenix.  I understand wanting to draft Derrick Williams (local kid) but, Minny would have to include a player or something.  Nash might have a year or two left in him and the only reason I say that is that the training staff in Phoenix has to be the best in the league.  They have taken all types of players with ailments and got them playing and playing at a high level when most thought they were done (i.e. - Shaq (all), Grant Hill (ankle), Nash (back), etc.).  If Nash were to leave, would he fall apart?  Or would he welcome being that close to home?  I wouldn't do this one, but at least we're negotiating.

Suns - Trade Marcin Gortat and the #13 pick to Minnesota for the #2 pick. 
Synopsis:  Now we're cooking with grease.  I actually like Gortat for what he does (rebounder, can score, and has an attitude), but if we weigh the careers of Gortat against that of anyone that you'd get at #2, I'll take those chances.  Plus, I keep Nash and we are still viable in the Western Conference.  Do the d$@( thing. 

Nuggets - Trade Raymond Felton and the #22 pick to Sacramento for the #7 pick.
Synopsis:  Hmmm,...not sure about this one.  The two headed point guard monster in Denver seems to work and I think you have to keep that moving in that direction.  Not sure who the Nuggets would go after at the #7 slot unless they would go after Kemba Walker.  I don't know how good a fit that would be.  They are trying to lock up Nene long term, Afflalo is solid at either guard spot, and they are pretty much loaded.  I can't quite put my finger on what they're missing, but it's something that I don't think they get at #7 in this draft.  Hold your horses on this one. 

Cavaliers - Trade the #4 pick to the Wizards for the #6 and the #18. 
Synopsis:  It seems as though the Cavs are intent on drafting Jonas Valanciunas.  Since he won't be playing in the NBA next season, the Cavs don't want to waste a higher pick for him because they need all the help they can get and they'd like someone to give up multiple picks to make this a little more enticing.  The Wizards would draft Enes Kanter with the #4 pick and this deal could only be done if he's available at 4.  Seems like things are working out for the Cavs even after LBJ leaves.  I do this deal and get extra players on the cheap or more trade chips. 

Suns - Trade Robin Lopez to Golden State for Epke Udoh and the #13 pick. 
Synopsis:  Whew, this is a big one.  You would give up on Lopez this quickly?  He had a good year, then a bad year and he's trending down?  As my guy NYSTOM always says, you can't turn down a 2 for 1 deal, but I think I could turn this one down.  I'm not sold on Udoh being a center in the West and I just see him getting killed by Andrew Bynum, Nene and any other 'big' in the West. 

Sixers - Trade Andre Iguodala to Los Angeles Clippers for Chris Kaman OR to Golden State for Monta Ellis OR to Orlando for Hedo Turkoglu and Jameer Nelson. 
Synopsis:  The Sixers and Clippers seem to have the best deal that works for both teams.  The Sixers need some size to play next to a smallish PF in Brand.  The Clippers need Kaman to move to give Jordan more time and this will keep Griffin in that PF spot.  I do this deal even though it would involve some other smaller pieces.  The Sixers and Golden State I like for Golden State.  They could slide Iggy into the 2 or 3 spot and instantly have some size.  Curry can evolve into a better point guard and Lee and Iggy would take some pressure off of Curry.  The Sixers and Orlando, well,'s a 2 for 1, that's a plus.  I think that Turkoglu is better with the ball in his hands (the way he was before he left Orlando) but off the ball he's a liability.  Jameer would have to take a bench role which would be tough for him.  Just not a good fit. 

What have you heard?  What's the word on the street?  What do you think about these prospective deals?  I will post more as I hear it. 

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