Friday, June 17, 2011

NBA Playoffs - NYSTOM's Last Second Shot

From the title you should guess that LeBron isn't on this list (that was a good one), but in his defense, neither are a lot of other guys.  This is boiled down to which one person you want taking the last second, free throw, 3 pointer, or just a shot period.  This is based off of the playoff numbers, so don't be mad at me. 

Who I want taking the last-second shot:
Dwyane Wade, MIA 181-for-373 48.5%
Who I want taking the last-second free throw:
Dirk Nowitzki, DAL 175-for-186 94.1%
Who I want taking the last-second 3-pointer:
Jason Terry, DAL 42-for-95 44.2%

All you Dallas fans and Heat haters, is this really true?  And this answers a question I had after the series, the total number of free throws for Dirk.  186?!?!?!  Wow.  It's amazing that he hit 175, but the fact that he had 186 is out of this world. 

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