Friday, June 24, 2011

Grading the NBA Draft

Don't have the time to go pick by pick, but let's take a look at the teams and how they did in the draft last night.  So of this will be determined by other trades that happened before or during the draft.  Let's hit the ground rolling with,....

Atlanta Hawks:  Keith Benson (48) - Well, he's tall and you can't teach height, but that's about it.  He's 6'11" and he weighs 217lbs.  Paperweight.  (C-)

Boston Celtics:  JaJuan Johnson (27) and E'Twaune Moore (55) - The Celtics really didn't have any good picks in this draft but I think got quality players.  Johnson can play the 4 spot and may spend some time at the 5.  He is on the slight side (see Benson, Keith) at 6'10" and 220lbs, but Johnson put up some good numbers in a good conference (Big Ten).  The 2.3 blocks per game that he averaged should translate to a Celtics team easily.  His teammate at Purdue and now with the Celtics, Moore is a solid player.  Someone that can come in and play a role similar to what Tony Allen used to be for them, but with the athleticism.  For a team that isn't that deep anymore, the Celtics made some good picks.  (B+)

Charlotte Bobcats:  Bismack Biyombo (7) and Kemba Walker (9) - I'm not sold on Biyombo.  The funny thing that I saw during the draft was that Jordan was impressed with him during a late workout leading up to the draft, and the first response I saw was that he was impressed with Kwame Brown a few years ago too.  After trading away all of your offense (Gerald Wallace and Stephen Jackson), they needed someone who could put point on the board (and they may have gotten him in their other pick), but Biyombo doesn't quite fit that mold.  Kemba is a winner.  He's got 'it' (and maybe LeBron doesn't?!) and that's what the Bobcats are going to need.  It looks like they are going to run about 100 pick and rolls a game on offense and try to lock people down on the wings with Henderson and Biyombo and hope the clock runs out.  (C+)

Chicago Bulls:  Nikola Mirotic (23) and Jimmy Butler (30) - What?!?!?  You saw what happened to your team in the playoffs and you go and get a guy that may never even come to the NBA?!?!  And you need a 2 guard in the worst way?  Butler is a decent player out of Marquette (so he's local), but I'm not sure he can score like the Bulls need.  What's so ironic is that the Bulls traded up to get Mirotic at 23 (Jordan) and this is a night that even Mike did a better job than his old team. (C-)

Cleveland Cavaliers:  Kyrie Irving (1), Tristan Thompson (4), and Milan Macvan (54) - This was a home run, but instead of going out of the stadium it got hung up in the cheap seats.  Irving was a no-brainer as he will be your PG for the next 10 years.  Tristan Thompson, well,.......this had to be a reach.  I mean I think the kid has game.  I felt that if Texas would have gone to him more they probably would have played in the title game.  He can finish with both hands and can step out and hit a jumper.  My issue is he's 6'8" and that's really it.  I couldn't tell you who Macvan is if he walked into my house and had dinner with me and my family.   (A-)

Dallas Mavericks:  Rudy Fernandez (trade) - They actually picked Jordan Hamilton out of Texas and then traded him to Denver.  The Mavericks are looking at repeating and Fernandez has wanted out of Portland for over a year.  Makes Dallas that much stronger if they get Tough Juice (Caron Butler) back also. 

Denver Nuggets:  Kenneth Faried (22), Jordan Hamilton (26), and Chukwudiebere Maduabum (56) - Unless Faried turns into Ben Wallace Part II, I'm not sold on him.  He should translate well for this team on the defensive side of the ball, especially with Kenyon Martin coming to the end of the road.  Jordan Hamilton, is good, but how is he getting PT?  They got Chandler (who I am really starting to like) and Danillo (who reminds me of Toni Kukoc).  The Nuggets did get Andre Miller in a trade, but I expect him to be cut to save some money on their books.  I think this was a bad night in Denver.  And for CM, it took me 5 minutes to type his name, no way they make an NBA jersey for him.  (C)

Detroit Pistons:  Brandon Knight (8), Kyle Singler (33), and Vernon Macklin (52) - Brandon Knight will be a good fit for this team.  His height at the PG spot will allow Ben Gordon to play defense (and yes I laughed when I typed this) on someone his size as Knight will probably guard some of the bigger 2 guards in the league.  Kyle Singler, well,....he was available and at 33, that's good quality.  Let's get this straight, the kid is tough, can score, but just needs to work on being consistent.  There were too many games last year when he let his Duke team down by going 2 of 14 or something like that.  Macklin brings a big body to the team and not sure what else.  (B)

Golden State Warriors:  Klay Thompson (11), Jeremy Tyler (39), and Charles Jenkins (44) - I actually like this draft for the Warriors.  Monta Ellis' bags should have been packed as soon as he heard K-l-a-y.  Thompson is a big 2 guard that can score and that should have made Curry happy all night long.  Tyler was the kid that left high school his junior year, went overseas to play (to make some money), ended up leaving that team and coming home and sitting until he could enter the draft.  He's a big kid and has good feet.  I think with Mark Jackson there, he'll have an opportunity to be coached up and he could possibly be the steal of this draft.  Jenkins can also put the ball in the bucket and may be a help off the bench.  The question is will they be able to stop anyone.  (Editor's note:  Get off of Mark Jackson, yes he promised playoffs, but he didn't say what year).  (B+)

Houston Rockets:  Marcus Morris (14), Donatas Montiejunas (20), and Chandler Parsons (38) - Don't know what to say.  The guys they drafted play the positions of the guys that are already in front of them.  Doesn't look like these kids will play.  If the goal is to move Morris to the 3, this is a terrible draft for the Rockets.  (C+)

Indiana Pacers:  George Hill (trade) - They actually drafted Kawhi Leonard and traded him to the Spurs for Hill.  I like Hill, but they are loaded on the wings and the backcourt.  Yes, Hill brings some leadership from a winning franchise and they have enough young pieces, but now they gotta make them work.  (B-)

Los Angeles Clippers:  Trey Thompkins (37) and Travis Leslie (47) - Not sure what happened here except that someone in Georgia must like the Clippers.  I don't expect either of these guys to even make the team. (D)

Los Angeles Lakers:  Darius Morris (41), Andrew Goudelock (46), and Ater Majok (58) - Who?  Who?  Who? (D)

Memphis Grizzlies:  Josh Selby (49) - How in the world did this happen?  I mean Selby was once considered the best high school basketball player in the country and then went to Kansas and got hurt and made some dumb decisions, but how did he fall all the way to 49 and into the laps of the Grizzlies.  He can score and can run with Vasquez in that second unit.  The question is what do the Grizzlies do with OJ Mayo?  (B-)

Miami Heat:  Norris Cole (28) - This is funny, the Heat pick a guy (born in Dayton, OH) from Cleveland State to play for them.  Anyway, Cole is the point guard that they can use.  I like Chalmers but many are saying that this kid will be an upgrade.  We'll see what happens from here.  (B)

Milwaukee Bucks:  Tobias Harris (19) and Jon Leuer (40) - Both of these guys should make the team and they should be solid.  I think Harris could go down as the steal of this draft too (and yes he was at 19, but how many 19s in the past have actually been that good?).  (B+)

Minnesota Timberwolves:  Derrick Williams (2), Malcolm Lee (43), and Targuy Ngombo (57) - They got Williams and now the question will be, where does he play?  They have Love and Beasley and only 2 places to play the 3 of them.  Lee is really a point, but he can move over to the 2 and play pretty decently there.  The Wolves did a great job in the draft, but they couldn't find a taker that wanted Williams and pay the ransom they were asking, so he ends up in Minny.  They have to make some more moves soon.  (A-)

New Jersey Nets:  Marshon Brooks (25), Bojan Bogdanovic (31), and Jordan Williams (36) - (Editors note: The Bulls will rue the day they didn't take Brooks at 23.)  The Nets got them a good guard who can score and defend.  And they were able to pick up Williams who reminds me of Lonny Baxter, but hopefully a better version.  (B-)

New Orleans Hornets:  None

New York Knicks:  Iman Shumpert (17) and Josh Harrellson (45) - The Knicks need someone that can hit an occasional 3, create his own shot for when Billups sits, and run a team.  They got that in Shumpert (hopefully).  We know he can play defense right now.  Harrellson provides another big body and he loves to bang.  (C+)

Oklahoma City Thunder:  Reggie Jackson (24) - Another point guard when they already have two pretty good ones.  We'll see how this works.  (C)

Orlando Magic:  Justin Harper (32) and DeAndre Liggins (53) - Harper brings what Rashard Lewis brought without the $117M price tag, although Ryan Anderson can do the same stuff.  Liggins is a tough Chicago prospect that is long and plays defense, but has the ability to put the ball in the hole also.  Good pickups, since the Magic need some more heart on that team.  (C)

Philadelphia 76ers:  Nicola Vucevic (16) and Lavoy Allen (50) - What?  You mean to tell me that there weren't other guys on the board that you could have gotten at 16 that could have helped this team?  They went for size, but that isn't always the right move.  I think this draft haunts the Sixers for a while.  (C+)

Phoenix Suns:  Markieff Morris (13) - Who would have thought that Markeiff would have been drafted first of the Morris twins.  I was never really enthralled with either of them (maybe it's a Kansas bias or something) but to me they are role players on a good team.  Morris should get some good looks with Nash still running the show (for now).  (C)

Portland Trailblazers:  Nolan Smith (21) and Jon Diebler (51) - Wow!!!  That's the first thing that came to mind.  I think Nolan is a baller, and he can do a lot.  He'll have opportunities in Portland.  He's a good combo guard that has a knack for passing.  Diebler is a shooter.  Not quite Jimmer range but a shooter none the less.  We'll see what happens in Portland.  (B-)

Sacramento Kings:  Jimmer Fredette (10), Tyler Honeycutte (35) and Isaiah Thomas (60) - The Kings had a great draft in my opinion.  They got Jimmer and Honeycutte is a player too.  Thomas at 60 was a great pick.  Now this team just has to be coached up and Jimmer has to be given free range to fire when he gets on the floor.  (B+)

San Antonio Spurs:  Kawhi Leonard (15), Cory Joseph (29), Davis Bertans (42) and Adam Hanga (59) - The Spurs gave up George Hill, but they got two picks out of that and Kawhi Leonard and Bertans might be worth it.  You can never go wrong on a 2 for 1, so we'll have to see.  Now if only the Spurs can find a taker for that $40M they gave Richard Jefferson, the world would be great.  (A)

Toronto Raptors:  Jonas Valanciunas (5) - They got their guy and he's a euro, who would have thunk it?  The bad part is that Jonas may not see the NBA for YEARS.  (D)

Utah Jazz:  Enes Kanter (3) and Alec Burks (12) - Great draft for the Jazz.  They got size in Kanter (who wants to be a wrestler, wow!!) and they have a scorer in Burks.  If Burks works on his game, he's gonna be niiiicccccceeee.  (A)

Washington Wizards:  Jan Vesley (6), Chris Singleton (18) and Shelvin Mack (34) - Great job for the Wizards.  They got another athlete to run with Wall and McGee in Vesley, they have a big that can score and play some defense in Singleton and Shelvin Mack will be that guy that will kill you if you leave him open.  Like these pickups.  (A)

What did your favorite team do?  Are you crying in your beer or jumping for joy today?  Hopefully all of these folks will be able to get some practice in with their teams before the lockout.  Don't want to waste anyone's rookie season. 

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Delsin said...

Bulls are foolish. You already got Gar Foreman talking about putting Butler on LeBron..are you kidding me? Seems like a nice kid, but his game sounds a lot like Ronnie Brewer.

Bulls need to get in the 3-team trade mix and get Ellis, Mayo, or sign Afflalo.