Wednesday, September 08, 2010

NFL 2010 Week 1 Picks

Here we go,….Week 1 of a new season.  Let’s see if we can’t start the year off with a bang.

Minnesota @ New Orleans – Rematch of last years NFC Championship game.  My biggest question is, are the same refs working this game?  Those refs that allowed the Saints players to get a few extra hits in on the old QB (Favre).  Both teams are a little worse for wear from last year, the Saints defense isn’t going to be the same without Sharper back there and the Vikings still haven’t solved their defensive backfield issues.  Toss up, because I expect this to be a close game.  Home team.  Winner – Saints.

Carolina @ New York Giants – Nice new field, and you get a Matt Moore led Panthers team on a plate.  How many of you even know who the Panthers starting QB is?  I expect Clausen to be starting by week 3.  Too much Giants, too early.  Winner – Giants.

Atlanta @ Pittsburgh – A much better game if Big Ben is around.  Pittsburgh at home is a dangerous squad and they are ready on the defensive side of the ball.  We all know that this game is going to come down to Dennis Dixon and how he fares.  I actually think he plays decent.  Expect a big ground game for the Steelers along with a big game from Hines Ward (security blanket for Dixon).  Winner – Steel,……..Falcons.

Cleveland @ Tampa Bay – One of these teams has to win, right?  Tampa Bay has been on the decline for a few years and it’s not looking much better right now.  The Browns lost Hardesty to an injury but they have a healthy Jake Delhomme (all the Carolina Panthers fans are laughing in unison) and a decent offensive line to protect him.  Cleveland won’t have many wins this season, maybe this is the first.  Winner – Browns.

Denver @ Jacksonville – I like Kyle Orton, I really do, but the Tim Tebow clock is on.  Over/Under on him starting by week 10 or 11, I’m taking the over.  Jacksonville used to be good and David Garrard has got to step up his game for the Jaguars to make some noise.  Denver just might be too good for this team.  Winner – Broncos.

Indianapolis @ Houston – Is this finally the year for the Texans?  Do they take that next step?  All the pieces are there,…and this is the time.  A mild upset here.  Winner – Texans.

Miami @ Buffalo – No snow, no cold, no chance for the Bills.  Miami should dominate this game, period.  Winner – Dolphins.

Detroit @ Chicago – This is the beginning of the end for Lovie Smith.  Lovie, look over your shoulder and see the new head coach of the Chicago Bears (1 of the 3 former head coaches on your staff).  The Bears are bringing in a new offense that requires their QB, who threw 20+ interceptions last year, to throw to spots and not to people.  Sounds like another 20+ interception year again.  Defense is older, and oft injured Urlacher is already hurt.  The Bears should gut this one out.  Winner – Bears.

Oakland @ Tennessee – IF (notice how big) the Raiders can protect Jason Campbell, they will be the surprise team in the AFC.  They have a two pronged running game (when Bush comes back) and they actually play pretty well on defense.  The Titans may end up getting back a lost bag in Haynesworth, which will definitely help their defense.  Another mild upset.  Winner – Raiders.

Cincinnati @ New England – There are going to be some points scored in this one.  The Bengals actually have claws this year as they get both Ochocinco and TO to go along with Cedric Benson.  Palmer has a chance to redeem himself as a top QB.  The Pats return most of an average defense, but we all know that their offense can score.  I don’t care how many steps Randy Moss has lost, he’s still faster than most DBs out there.  Winner – Bengals.

Arizona @ St. Louis – Who’s starting at QB for the Cardinals?  It may not matter since most of the defense is intact.  Sam Bradford, welcome to the NFL.  Winner – Cardinals.

San Francisco @ Seattle – Hmmmm, I wonder what the 49ers would look like with a decent QB?  The 49ers defense is there and they have weapons for Alex Smith, but they need Alex Smith to play ball.  Hasselbeck is finally healthy for the Seahawks, but I’m not sold on Pete Carroll’s system.  Not sure if it works in the NFL, but I guess that’s why they play the game.  Winner – 49ers.

Green Bay @ Philadelphia – The Packers are probably one of the teams at the top of the NFC.  They seem to have everything on both sides of the ball.  They run the ball well and they have a young Aaron Rodgers who is finally ready to get completely out of their old QB’s shadow.  The Eagles got rid of Donovan McNabb because they felt that Kolb is the future and some felt that Kolb was better than McNabb.  Sometimes you get what you ask for.  Winner – Packers.

Dallas @ Washington – This is all the Cowboys needed, McNabb in a Redskins uniform.  McNabb has been a Cowboys killer and with his relocation to DC, he may have that opportunity to do this to the ‘Boys yet again (maybe twice).  Cowboys are a good regular season team, I’m not sold on Romo and for some reason, people forget about Marion Barber.  The Redskins are old and have very few playmakers on the offensive side of the ball.  Winner – Cowboys.

Baltimore @ New York Jets – The Jets have Revis back which is huge for them.  That defense doesn’t work as well without a lockdown guy at one corner spot.  The Ravens found a way to pick up TJ Houshmandzadeh for the veteran’s minimum, but now have two guys that fill the same role (possession receiver) in Boldin and TJ.  With that said, Joe Flacco is probably peeing the bed at night with the weapons he has at his disposal.  Winner – Ravens.

San Diego @ Kansas City – Another year, another loaded Chargers team (even without their two holdouts), another disappointing season.  The Chiefs are still wondering if this whole Matt Cassel deal was worth it as he feels his way into his second year of starting.  They have put some talent around Cassel and it looks like they will be good in the near future.  That future just doesn’t start now.  Winner – Chargers

Thos are my picks, who you got? 

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