Friday, September 24, 2010

Where does Melo go?

Carmelo Anthony is doing his best to force his way out of Denver.  He can opt out of his contract at the end of the upcoming year and we all know he won’t be winning any titles in Denver anytime soon.  Today there is speculation that there is a 4 team deal that will bring Melo to the Nets.  We’ll take a look at that proposed deal and talk about other possible teams that are interested in the Denver Nuggets star.

Proposed Trade:

New Jersey Nets get – Carmelo Anthony (DEN)

Charlotte Bobcats get – Devin Harris (NJN)

Utah Jazz get – Boris Diaw (CHA)

Denver Nuggets get – Derrick Favors (NJN) and Andrei Kirilenko (UTA) plus picks


New Jersey Nets – You give up your point guard in Harris and you give up your prize rookie for Carmelo.  What is a top 5 NBA player worth?  Maybe that’s the better question.  If you make this move, you are essentially the Denver team of the East.  You could compare the two easily:  B. Lopez/Nene (even), T. Murphy/Andersen (Nets), A. Morrow/J.R. Smith (even, lean Nets), J. Farmar/C. Billups (slight edge to Nuggets).  For what you’re giving up, I think the Nets have to make this move.

Charlotte Bobcats – You get to give up Boris Diaw who’s desire has been openly questioned?  And you get Devin Harris at really the same money?  Done!!  Do this deal today and twice on Sunday.  You get a point guard (distributor), which is something that this team has needed for years.  If this deal happens, I can imagine that Shaun Livingston may be shown the door.  

Utah Jazz – You get Boris Diaw who’s desire has been openly questioned, but who happens to also be a great facilitator for a big man.  The system that the Jazz run is more closely in line with the type of player they’ll get.  On top of that the Jazz will get $5M.  That’s not part of the deal, it’s just that Kirilenko’s salary is presently putting the Jazz in luxury tax threshold.  Taking away AK’s $17.8M from the Jazz and they will save about $5M and get the $5M payout.  For a small market team, $5M is $5M.  Do this deal today.

Denver Nuggets – You lose Carmelo, but you get more than what the Cavs got for LBJ.  You get Favors, a young big that can be your power forward of the future and you pair him with Nene and that’s something to build on.  Add Kirilenko, and you have an expiring contract that you can use to bring in a point guard after you do Billups a favor and trade him out of Denver too.  You’ll also get picks, probably from Charlotte and the Nets.  Do the deal. 

Other possible destinations:

Chicago Bulls – This one is pretty much dead with the Bulls not wanting to include Noah in the deal.  I for one can’t blame them.  Noah is their emotional leader and the Bulls should be pretty good without Melo.  But, Melo is arguably a top 5 NBA talent. 

Los Angeles Clippers – Chris Kaman and some change for Melo?  I think that Nene and Kaman would be duplicating big men, but it’s available for the taking.  This works very well for the Clippers if they only gave up Kaman and some small change or picks. 

Where do you think Melo should go?  Should he just ride it out in Denver and then pick his new team, ala LBJ?  Or should he try and get his new deal now under the present collective bargaining agreement (more money)?     

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