Friday, September 24, 2010

NFL 2010 Week 3 Picks

 It's on this week.  We're trying to ride the wave of a successful 12-4 week.  Let's see how it goes.  

Tennessee @ New York Giants – It’s too early in the year to start this song of ‘is you is, or is you ain’t my baby (QB)’.  VY was pulled last week for being ineffective and we had a Kerry Collins sighting.  Fisher, in my humble opinion is looking for the first opportunity to get rid of VY.  Fisher lost how many games last year with Collins at QB before he went to VY?  I digress, the Giants are in need of a win and I think that they get one, in the New Meadowlands.  How high can Brandon Jacobs throw his helmet into the stands this week?  Winner – Giants.

Pittsburgh @ Tampa Bay – Which team is for real?  The team with the suspended starting QB which has found a way to win behind a good defense as they line up just about anyone serviceable at QB, or is it the young team who has shown some flashes on offense while their defense has made a few plays here and there?  Both teams are 2-0 and The Bucs get an opportunity to play the Steelers at home.  Someone has to win.  Winner – Steelers.

Cincinnati @ Carolina – I’ve gotta be a sage or something.  The Jimmy Clausen era begins in Carolina this weekend.  You normally want your rookie to open at home (check) and with a decent ground game (ummm,….) to help him manage.  The Bengals will be looking for blood in the water.  I expect a lot of blitzing and a lot of stunts to confuse the rookie.  Good luck Jimmy.  Winner – Bengals. 

Cleveland @ Baltimore – This will be a slugfest, regardless of records.  The Ravens have got to get their offense rolling and get Flacco to stop throwing to the wrong color jerseys.  This Browns team ought to offer somewhat of a cure.  There was word that the Ravens are not going to kick away from Josh Cribbs, please tell me it ain’t so.  If the Ravens kick to Cribbs, this will be close, otherwise a nice win for the Ravens.  Winner – Ravens. 

Dallas @ Houston – Best game of the week.  Well, maybe.  The Cowboys are 0-2 and 0-3 might mean some heads start to roll.  They get a Texans team that is coming off a great win against the Redskins and for some reason, no one feels that putting 3 people on Andre Johnson is a good idea.  I got a feeling that the Cowboys finally wake up and put it all together.  Expect big games from Felix Jones and Jason Witten.  If the Cowboys lose this game, Jerry may want to fold up camp.  Winner – Cowboys. 

San Francisco @ Kansas City – I feel sorry for Mike Singletary.  If his team played with half his passion, they’d be 2-0.  Alex Smith didn’t look bad last week and this team’s success sits squarely on his shoulders.  If he can somehow limit his mistakes, this team makes a big turn for the better.  Kansas City is 2-0 and that’s about as good as it gets for them this year.  They have already exceed expectations.  Winner – 49ers.

Detroit @ Minnesota – Just what the Vikings needed, no not a WR, a cupcake.  The Vikes need to right their ship and get this team back on track like they were last year.  Continue giving AP his 20+ carries and for goodness sake find a healthy WR, somewhere.  Winner – Vikings.

Buffalo @ New England – The Bills come to New England and hopefully they enjoy the trip there because the outcome of this game is going to make for a long trip home.  Winner – Patriots.

Atlanta @ New Orleans – The best game of the week.  The Falcons finally showed what kind of team they can be and now they get to go to a different dome and prove just how good they are.  The Saints got by last week against the 49ers and they have to adjust to life without Reggie Bush.  I could see the Falcons winning this game,…..Winner – Falcons. 

Washington @ St. Louis – This should be an opportunity for McNabb to have a good game and not have to throw for 400+ yards.  The Rams just aren’t ready for primetime yet.  Winner – Redskins.

Philadelphia @ Jacksonville – Once again back it’s the incredible, Mike Vick.  Many people are saying this is a bad move, but let’s think back.  The Eagles brought in Vick when they had McNabb and Kolb.  We all knew they weren’t going to pay McNabb to stay so we knew he was gone.  Vick was supposed to be insurance, but we all saw how bad Kolb was as a substitute.  Andy Reid’s job is on the line, and he’s gotta win.  Shouldn’t we have seen Vick being the starter, until he loses?  He’ll continue the trend this weekend.  Winner – Eagles.   

Oakland @ Arizona – Somebody has to win.  I don’t think that Derek Anderson is a starter for any team and I can’t even spell Gradkowski, but the Raiders get it done this week.  Winner – Raiders. 

San Diego @ Seattle – Are we done with the Pete Carroll era yet in Seattle?  I think that they could use a good possession receiver who could help their QB, but they let him go.  The Chargers haven’t looked real good yet so I expect them to get it together on this road trip and put some numbers on the board.  Winner – Chargers.

Indianapolis @ Denver – After the debacle that was Manning Bowl II, the Colts look to be on the same page.  They get to go to Denver and I imagine that they are going to start pounding the Broncos upfront by running the ball and then let Manning take over from there.  Winner – Colts.

New York Jets @ Miami – After their first big win, Braylon Edwards decides to tie one on and get caught by the police.  From a fantasy impact, I’m mad as he77.  You gotta do better.  I will say this again, Miami is a team you don’t want to play.  They play fundamental ball and if you make a mistake they normally capitalize.  The Jets defense is going to have to pick up the slack from Edwards’ mistake.  Winner – Dolphins.

Green Bay @ Chicago – Ok, the guys at Union Station that manage the traffic (and our buses) have been on me all week about the Bears and how they are going to beat the Packers on Monday night.  I say that the Bears are now sitting on 1 loss (that was a Detroit TD) and ½ a W (the Cowboys beat themselves).  There is no way that the Bears are going to beat the Packers on Monday Night even if they played in Maui.  Even if I have to walk from the train station all week long,……Winner – Packers.  

Who you got?  

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Wade said...

The games that I have thought about so far include the Packers over the Bears and the Seahawks over the Chargers. The reason for the second one is the Chargers don't have receivers that are the quality of Vincent Jackson to throw to and the running game isn't what it used to be.

As for the Vikings vs the Lions, I think it's going to be a close game as the Lions aren't as much of a pushover as they have been in recent years. I'll still give that one to the Vikings by a field goal.