Thursday, December 09, 2010

Kyrie Irving Done For the Year?

After dispatching Bradley last night in what seemed more like a scrimmage against a D-II team, the Duke Blue Devils might be faced with their biggest issue this year and that is the health of their star point guard, Kyrie Irving.  Irving injured his toe a few games ago and supposedly it was turf toe.  If you don't know what turf toe is, check here, but all I can say is that it's painful.  The only way to treat turf toe is rest and possibly surgery after the inflammation goes down.  That's the rub.  This Duke team is being talked about as not only going undefeated, but in some circles winning the NCAA title again this year.  That goal gets a lot tougher without Irving.  Irving (and Coach K) also have to keep in mind his NBA goals because no one wants this injury to linger and cause Irving problems at the next level.  Worst case scenario, Irving sits out the year and starts next year with Curry, Dawkins, and Austin Rivers (WOW!!).

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