Tuesday, December 21, 2010

NBA Rumors 12-21-10

Sherron Collins - Should be back with the Bobcats after being recalled from the D-League.  My question is why is a kid with this much talent waffling in the D-League?  Folks in the Chi are blaming work ethic.  Someone find Collins and take him to the gym every day for the 6 months and get him back in shape. 

J. R. Smith - I've been saying this for about 2 months now, the Bulls need a dynamic 2 guard that can shoot the 3 and get his own shot.  Enter Mr. Smith.  J.R., a former Bull, does have a few issues (he's a headcase), but he has a lot of talent and if the Nuggets do in fact trade Melo, they might as well blow up the team.  Enter the Chicago Bulls, who have inquired about Mr. Smith's availability.  Smith is in the last year of his deal ($6M this year) and would be an easy decision for the Bulls to try to acquire.  Worst case, you rent him for a half a year and let him go.  Best case, he provides some much needed scoring punch at the 2 (better than Bogans and Brewer) and you have to resign him in the off season.  Keep tabs on this one, I think this trade happens. 

Carmelo Anthony - Supposedly the Nuggets-Nets discussions are being had again.  If this is true, Anthony must have backed off his insistence on not signing a long term deal.  Otherwise the Nets would be crazy to trade for Anthony.  These discussions have to happen because the Nuggets risk losing Anthony and getting nothing for him if he walks at the end of the year. 

New Orleans Hornets - The NBA is the proud owner of the New Orleans Hornets and are looking for a buyer that will keep the team local.  I know it's not local, but Kansas City would welcome the Hornets with open arms.  Somebody go and get a check book, because it'll take somewhere around $300M to get the Hornets. 

Vince Carter - Damaged goods?  Vince Carter looks like he'll need arthroscopic surgery on his left knee and will be out about 4 weeks.  All I can say is if the Phoenix trainers get Vince back in shape and healthy, he'll be able to play for years to come.  Now if they could only do something about his heart (yeah, that was a low blow). 

Sore Backs - Chalk up Jamal Crawford and Craig Smith as two people with aching/sore backs that will be out of commission for a little while longer. 

Taj Gibson - Will miss another game for the Bulls while recovering from a concussion.  Kurt Thomas will get the start. 

Kendrick Perkins - May be back on the court sooner rather than later.  Perkins has gone through some drills and looks to be back in action at the end of January.  He still has some MRIs coming up, but he may be able to help the Celtics while both of the O'Neals (Shaq and Jermaine) recover from their injuries.  My advice to Perk is to take your time.  The Celtics don't need you right now, but they definitely will need you during the playoff run.  You don't want to be Andrew Bynum, remember. 

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