Sunday, December 26, 2010

NFL 2010 Week 16 Games Picks

Quick turnaround this week.  I missed the Dallas/Arizona (and I would have picked those sorry Cowboys) game completely because I've been putting toys and games together.  I'm ok with that, hope you are too.  Let's get to the picks quickly today.

New England @ Buffalo - Does anyone think the Bills have enough for this game?  Winner - Patriots

New York Jets @ Chicago - The Bears won the NFC Central and are primed for a let down, but I'm not sure the Jets are ready to step up to the plate.  I don't trust Cutler.  Winner - Jets.

Baltimore @ Cleveland - The Ravens better win this game.  They can't afford to take any steps backwards in the playoff seeding.  Winner - Ravens.

Tennessee @ Kansas City - A somewhat healthy Matt Cassel made a big difference for this Chiefs team last week and I think he'll do that again this week.  Winner - Chiefs.

San Francisco @ St. Louis - I want Singletary to win because he's a good guy, but Alex Smith will prevent that from happening.  Winner - Rams.

Detroit @ Miami - I think this Detroit team has finally put it together.  Nothing better than showing people that there is hope for the future.  Winner - Lions.

Washington @ Jacksonville - Shanahan is a punk.  He's never done anything without Elway and we're supposed to sit here and watch him screw over McNabb with these silly games.  I hope the Jaguars put up a 40 spot on these Redskins.  Winner - Jaguars.

Indianapolis @ Oakland - Long trip for the Colts and to a team that can run the ball.  That all spells trouble.  This is an upset pick because the Colts should win this game,....but...Winner - Raiders.

Houston @ Denver - The Texans have been terrible as of late and their season is in the trash.  Kubiak is certainly gone and the Broncos are starting the marvelous Tim Tebow for a second straight game.  Winner - Texans.

San Diego @ Cincinatti - The Chargers are charging and the Bengals are sucking again this year.  Winner - Chargers.

New York Giants @ Green Bay - Can the Giants close out a game?  I guess as long as Vick isn't on the field.  Winner - Giants.

Seattle @ Tampa Bay - The Bucs can't afford a set back.  Winner - Bucs.

Minnesota @ Philadelphia - The Vick Experience will be seen again today.  Let's see if Joe Webb can play ball again today.  Winner - Eagles

New Orleans @ Atlanta - Best game of the week.  Atlanta needs the win to seal their division championship and probably the home seeding for the playoffs.  Winner - Falcons

Who you got?

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