Friday, December 03, 2010

NBA Rumors 12-3-10

Nate McMillan - Talk about a hot seat already?  It seems as though the Trial Blazers' brass make be getting a little antsy with their team's 8-10 record.  They haven't thought about the injuries that this team has suffered through, but they may be thinking about relieving the former NC State star from his coaching duties.  I've always thought that McMillan was a good coach and have talked to him a few times during my travels to and from NC (at the airport, really approachable guy), so I hope that the folks at Vulcan Inc. (group that owns the Trail Blazers) gives Nate a chance to run this one around. 

Kendrick Perkins - Perkins is rehabbing his knee but is in no rush  to get back until his knee is 100% healthy.  This is prudent because the Celtics are going to be a force to be reckon with if they have a healthy Perkins, Shaq, and Jermaine O'Neal come playoff time when the game slows down a little.  I am personally still under the opinion that the Celtics raise a banner last year had Perk be healthy enough to play.  We'll have to watch this one. 

Pau Gasol - The MVP of the NBA, so far in 2010, has a bad/sore hamstring and he is going to have to rest it for a while.  With Gasol and Bynum out, the Lakers will probably turn to Derrick Caracter to start and play big minutes until Gasol gets back.  The Lakers have to be very careful because Gasol's play is the reason they were able to jump out a starting record this year.  Gasol's over use also coincides with the Lakers 4 game losing skid. 

Returning to Action - Joel Przybilla (Trail Blazers) on Friday 12/3, Andrew Bogut (Bucks) on Saturday (12/4) and Martell Webster (Timberwolves) in the very near future after back surgery. 

Damien Wilkins - Signed by the Atlanta Hawks to backup Jamal Crawford as he moves into Joe Johnson's starting spot due to elbow surgery. 

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