Thursday, December 09, 2010

NBA 2010 Week 14 Picks Thursday Night Game

Thursday Night Football seems to come quicker and quicker each week.  Let's see what's on tap.

Indianapolis @ Tennessee - Just what Peyton Manning needed, a bad pass defense to face.  Manning has struggled mightily this year, and especially the last 4 weeks.  Yes, he's pressing but some of it is because his main targets are on the sidelines in street clothes.  I've always said that receivers help make a QB and vice versa, but this is the ultimate case (Elway is the exception).  Manning only has Wayne as his proven receiver on the field and we're down to 3rd string tight ends and 2nd string receivers.  These guys don't have the experience with Peyton to 'know' where he wants them to be.  Manning has also gotten that tunnel vision where he won't pull a Tom Brady (dink and dunk), but he's more Jay Cutler (looking for the big play).  If the Colts can run the ball, just a little bit, they should be able to win this game easily.  The Titans are still without Vince Young and I have never had confidence in Kerry Collins.  Winner - Titans.

Who you got?

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