Sunday, January 02, 2011

NFL 2010 Week 17 Picks

This is it, my last chance for a perfect week.  This week is probably the hardest because no one knows how long the starters play in these games because in most cases, the only thing that's in question in the seeding.  Let's see if we can make this perfect thing happen. 

Carolina @ Atlanta - The Falcons need a win to get their mindset ready for the playoffs, but they can't risk too many people getting hurt.  Starters play a half in this one and the Panthers just aren't good enough to make this close.  Winner - Falcons.

Pittsburgh @ Cleveland - The Browns want to win and the Steelers just gotta get out of this healthy.  Polamalu is trying to play on his injured achilles, we'll see how long he plays if at all.  Winner - Browns

Minnesota @ Detroit - Hmmmm,...Joe Webb gets another chance to start and hopefully play well.  Favre did finally pass his concussion tests, but I doubt he'll play unless it's the last play of the game.  For some reason, the Lions are the team that keeps coming to mind.  Winner - Lions.

Oakland @ Kansas City - The Chiefs need this win and it's against the Raiders (rivalry).  Why not beat them on your way to the playoffs?  Winner - Chiefs

Miami @ New England - The Patriots have nothing to prove and I doubt the starters play more than a series or two in the second half.  I expect about 24 ont he board before then.  Winner - Patriots

Tampa Bay @ New Orleans - What are the Saints playing for?  This is going to be a good game.  The Bucs need this one,......Winner - Bucs

Buffalo @ New York Jets - Gotta be the Jets, or this whole season has been a waste.  They have to find their rhythm on both offense and defense.  Winner - Jets

Cincinatti @ Baltimore - The Ravens gotta find their identity on offense and nothing like the Bengals, who actually played pretty well without their divas last week.  Winner - Ravens

Jacksonville @ Houston - Both teams are essentially out of the playoffs, so show really cares?  No MJD and no Garrard for the Jaguars.  Winner - Texans

New York Giants @ Washington - The Shanahan Plan.  Winner - Giants

Dallas @ Philadelphia - Can the Cowboys make Vick look human and possibly get a few more hits on him?  Or will Kolb look terrible?  Winner - Eagles

Arizona @ San Francisco - The 49ers could win this game and galvanize a team that could say they just weren't led the right way all year long.  Will they do it?  Winner - 49ers

Chicago @ Green Bay - I'm still not sold on the Bears.  They have nothing to gain in this game except to keep their rival Packers out of the playoffs.  I just don't think that can be their only motivation.  Lovie won't play his starters long.  Winner - Packers

Tennessee @ Indianapolis - Peyton Manning is back.  Winner - Colts

San Diego @ Denver - Nothing for either team to play for, so which team is the best?  Winner - Chargers

St. Louis @ Seattle - Should be a good game and the surprising Rams should make the playoffs.  I know I'll be watching.  Winner - Rams

Who you got?!?!?

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