Saturday, January 01, 2011

Catching Up

I've been busy and hopefully you have too with the celebration of Christmas and New Years.  Lots has happened since my last post, so let's try and touch all the bases.

Boston Celtics - KG is hurt again.  How long is he out?  This is the last thing that the Celtics need because he is their anchor on defense and the Celtics have shown that they don't win without him.  Good luck getting well KG, we want to see you healthy and back on the floor. 

Miami Heat - Uh oh, all of that Heat bashing has been quiet as of late as the Heat go 15-1 in the month of December.  The Lakers have shown some flaws, the Celtics have some injuries, the Magic aren't gelling just yet, and other than the Spurs, the Heat are looking good.  We'll see if they can take the East.

Mike Haywood - Fired after 2 1/2 weeks for a felony domestic battery charge.  Sad, because he was a rising star in the college coaching ranks.  He did a great job for Nick Saban and the future was bright.  Hopefully this felony charge is just made up.  Please don't let me see pictures. 

Ohio State Football - What in the hell is Jim Tressel thinking?  Either you have the nuts to sit the kids or you play the kids.  Don't have them take some silly oath in order to play.  Of course all of them are going to do it, and then they are going pro.  What are you going to do then, try and run them into the ground over a 'character' issue.  This is some BS, and I've lost some respect for Tressel over this.  These kids sold items that they won or were given.  It's their property and them selling it (even if it was for tatoos) is their business.  NCAA get a life. 

Duke University Basketball - Coack K passes Dean Smith on the wins list.  Great achievement for a great guy who seems to run a clean program.  When you really look at the people that hate him, it's probably because they wonder how he gets such top talent to go to Duke and to play 'team' ball and sacrifice their individual stats or identity to make the Duke program better.  Maybe, just maybe Coach K is a Jedi.  Congrats again. 

Minnesota Vikings - On the verge of giving Leslie Frazier the keys to the Vikings team.  I think that's a good hire, but they are going to need a QB too.  I like Webb in his limited time, but being a 16 game starter is a big difference from 1 start.  Lots of work in Minny to do, but Frazier is as good as any to get the job done. 

Houston Texans - Instead of firing Kubiak there are rumors that they will bring in the former Dallas Cowboys head coach, Wade Phillips, as defensive coordinator.  Not sure if I like that because this team hasn't responded to Kubiak down the stretch for the past 2 years.  They do need a new defensive identity, but something about this just seems wrong. 

Fred Taylor - This may finally be it for the All-Pro running back.  He is contemplating retirement and I think it's time.  He's had problems with injuries this year and with the Law Firm (Ben Jarvis-Green-Ellis) and the Little Guy (Woodhead), it's hard to see Taylor seeing the field.  If he does call it quits, Taylor leaves the game with a little over 11,600 yards and 66 TDs.  I always remember him as a Jaguar. 

What else have I missed?

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