Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hawks add Hinrich

Hmmm,...this is a boring one, but I guess we have to talk about it.  The Atlanta Hawks and the Washington Wizards agree to a trade that I'm not so sure helps either team.  Let's take a look.

Washington Wizards
Get: Mike Bibby, Jordan Crawford, Maurice Evans, and a 1st round pick (2011)

Atlanta Hawks 
Get: Kirk Hinrich and Hilton Armstrong

My take on the Wizards: I have to look at what the Wizards got in this deal and the things that standout are Jordan Crawford and possibly that 2011 1st round pick.  Mike Bibby probably should have been a backup last year for a contender.  It just seems like each year he's gotten slower and slower and that 3 point shot that he used to hit, just isn't there anymore.  Maurice Evans is an athlete and another live body, and that may be it.  Jordan Crawford was the piece that I thought would allow the Hawks to trade Jamal Crawford and put the younger Crawford in the mix.  Jordan has yet to make me look good with that prediction, but after the Hawks gave JJ $119M, I just don't see how they pay Jamal.  So, Jordan will have his opportunities in Washington to turn it around. 

My take on the Hawks: Ok, you got Kirk Hinrich, now what?  He's always been a combo guard to me and definitely a true point because he can't guard the smaller faster guards in the league.  If you also remember Hinrich in Chicago, he entered each game with about 1.5 fouls to his credit.  I just don't see the upside to this move.  Hilton Armstrong provides another big body to give the Hawks bigs a break, but he hasn't done much since he's been in the league and he played with one of the best PGs in the game. 

Am I wrong or was this just a trade for spare parts?  I mean Hinrich is 2 years and some change older than when he was in Chicago and he wasn't that good then. 

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