Thursday, February 24, 2011

There Goes the Baron

Well, Baron Davis sure enjoyed the return trip to LA LA land while it lasted.  No more throwing oops to the young stud, Blake Griffin and no more great weather.  The Los Angeles Clippers and the Cleveland Cavaliers have agreed to a trade with the particulars below.

Los Angeles Clippers
Get: Mo Williams and Jamario Moon

Cleveland Cavaliers
Get: Baron Davis and the Clippers 2011 1st round pick

My take on the Clippers:  Good move in moving a normally fickle point guard for a younger, maybe less fickle version.  Mo Williams has been crying in his milk every since LBJ left and didn't take him with him and now he's on a team with a chance (how often is that said about the Clippers?).  Not only do the Clippers get younger at the PG spot, but they get a pretty serviceable Jamario Moon, who should provide some benefit at the SF spot, and they save some money (Baron was owed close to $26M+).  They do give up their pick in next years draft, but honestly who would you take IF you had the #1 pick in the 2011 NBA Draft?

My take on the Cavaliers:  Be glad you got the draft pick because I doubt that Baron is going to play worth a isht.  I think he'll be mad that he went from the Clippers to a worse team and he won't be in any KIA spot with Blake Griffin.  Hey, at least he'll get a nice fat paycheck for the next two years and then he can go back home and make more movies.  I asked the question above about who do you take IF you have the #1 pick in the 2011 NBA draft, but the Cavaliers are looking at taking probably half of the draft as they try to rebuild their team.  They just need a PG, a SG, a SF, and a PF or C, and some bench players.  How many picks have they gotten thus far?

What's your take on this move?  Baron is probably the only person more upset than Deron Williams.  Worst case is he'll get his money and be made for a few years.  I think a few million a year (and he's getting that and more) could tide me over during those rough times. 


Anonymous said...

Baron deserve the demotion to #@!! *LOL*

Inquisitive Mind said...

Baron is good if motivated and it seemed like playing with Blake helped motivate him, but now I can imagine that he'll be doing nothing for the next two years.