Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wallace out of Charlotte

Charlotte Bobcats
Get: Joel Przybilla and 2 future 1st round picks

Portland Trial Blazers 
Get: Gerald Wallace

My take on the Bobcats: You get rid of 'Crash' for Joel Pryzbilla.  Big Joel brings in some size (since they also sent out Mohammed in a different deal) and some offense, but mostly defense.  The picks are the key here.  Two future firsts?  Jordan may have punked someone on this one. 

My take on the Trail Blazers: Why do you go out and get Wallace when you have Batum and you've made it straight to anyone who listens that Batum is YOUR GUY?  Batum didn't get shipped, so unless you're sliding Batum to the SG spot, I'm not sure how this helps.

This one confuses me.  Why do you give up two future 1st round picks?  I guess the Bobcats have some Jedi mind tricks in their bag too.  What's your take on these trades?

Charlotte Bobcats send Gerald Wallace to Portland for Joel Przbila(whatever) and a pick.

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