Thursday, September 13, 2012

2012-13 NFL Week 2 Picks

Early week with this Thursday night game so let's cut the BS and get these picks out.  We gotta do better than last week. right?

Chicago @ Green Bay - It's only week 2 but this is a must win for the Packers.  They can't lose this game and already be done 2 games in the division to the Bears and at least 1 game to the Vikings and Lions.  Yes it's early and there's no need for panic, but you want to put yourself in a good spot at the beginning of the season.  The Packers' Greg Jennings will be a game time decision and if he doesn't play that hurts the Packers (although more opportunities for Cobb on offense), but the Packers running the ball is going to be the biggest issue.  They need to keep that pass rush at bay.  The Bears are feeling good after last week and they have some problems on that O-line, but I got a good feeling that they'll play better this week.  That Packers D looked horriawful last week, so expect some 'extra' from them in this game.  Part of me says Packers because they need the win, but I gotta go.....Winner - Bears.

Kansas City @ Buffalo - Buffalo looked terrible last week so this is really the game that they have been looking forward too.  Mario Williams was quoted this week as saying he doesn't listen to his critics, so hopefully he is ready this week or the volume of those critics is going to turn up significantly.  Can CJ Spiller get a redo of last game?  Who's going to catch passes from Fitz?  With the Chiefs, they gotta be better than they were last week.  People (including myself) had them as the sleeper team this year and now they just look sleepy.  Jamal Charles has to get out and do his think, but I'm still waiting for the defense to show up too.  Winner - Chiefs.

Cleveland @ Cincinnati - Cincy showed me more than the Browns did last week.  Hard to think that when you look at final scores, but who is the starter at QB in Cleveland?  Nuff said.  The Bengals get a team that will make that blowout in Baltimore feel just a little better.  Winner - Bengals.

Minnesota @ Indianapolis - The Vikings and a somewhat healthy AP come to Indy for a showdown with Mr. Luck and his crew.  The biggest question is whether Freeney is going to play because without him this Colts defense looks anemic. They've never really been that good against the run so expect that to continue.  I do like Mr. Luck and I think that he helps this team win their first game of the year.  Winner - Colts.

New Orleans @ Carolina - The best thing for a young QB is a good running game.  The Panthers have a good young QB, but last week their running game resembled a broken down 1974 Chevy.  If the Panthers can get that running game going, Steve Smith and some other receivers might be able to shine.  The Saints have the opportunity to right the wrongs of last week and prove to everyone that they can get past this bump in the road for their franchise.  I imagine that Drew Brees is going to be more aggressive and I expect a lot more points this week.  They might not let up on the gas until they are getting on the plane to head back to New Orleans.  Winner - Saints.   

Houston @ Jacksonville - Houston got off to a good start last week and I'm looking for another good game for them against a Jacksonville squad that may keep this closer than some think.  Winner - Texans.

Oakland @ Miami - Carson Palmer >> Ryan Tannehill.  That's all that needs to be said.  Winner - Raiders.

Arizona @ New England - Free Larry Fitzgerald!!! (clap, clap, clap clap, clap)  Please get this guy a QB, I mean a real QB.  Maybe, just maybe, Kolb is pissed off enough that he'll remind people why he got the big money from the Cardinals.  I got fantasy points on this one.  Winner - Patriots.

Tampa Bay @ New York Giants - Where is my Giants pass rush?  Where is all of that NYG swag?  Where's Eli?  These and other questions will be answered during this game.  Winner - Giants.

Baltimore @ Philadelphia - Wow,...the Eagles get a tough one in week 2 and Mike Vick (and all his kevlar) might not make it out of this game alive.  If Vick doesn't know, just take a moment: These Ravens players,...they hit and they hit hard.  They comin for you, better hide your wife, your kids and your ribs.  Winner - Ravens.

Washington @ St. Louis - Game 2 of RGIII's career and he gets a wounded Rams team.  My big question is how many of the Rams brass are sitting around looking at RGIII's last week's performance and said 'We needed him doing that for us'?  Will the Rams rue the day that they didn't draft RGIII?  I'm going out on a limb and say 'yes', but it's going to be for more reasons than just one game.  Winner - Redskins.

Dallas @ Seattle -What would Dallas do?  You started the year with a decisive win at the Giants home and now you get a Seattle team that needed some extra help to make their game close, how do you play?  This will be the litmus test to see how these Cowboys deal with success.  They should beat this Seahawks team, but I think this is one worth watching.  Can't pick the upset though.  Winner - Cowboys.

New York Jets @ Pittsburgh - The Jets and all this talk about Tebow and he had a horriawful game?  Sanchez looked like he wanted to silence the critics about his play.  Can he do it twice in a row?  I'm not so sure.  The Steelers should be close to full complement on defense so this will be a better test for the Steelers as a team.  At least one Steeler has promised that they won't go 0-2, so...I'll ride with that.  Winner - Steelers.

Tennessee @ San Diego - After all these years of starting off slow, the Chargers can jump out to a quick 2-0 start with a win against the Titans.  This game will be closer than many think too, but Norv is going to get too much of the praise for this.  Winner - Chargers.

Detroit @ San Francisco - The juggernaut that is the 49ers hosts a Lions team that should have lost last week.  This defense just shut down the Packers and I expect them to do the same to a Lions offense that isn't as good.  Hint for the 49ers, that Calvin Johnson dude is pretty good and he's probably going to be targeted all game long.  Winner - 49ers.

Denver @ Atlanta - Game of the Week!!!  Can Matty Ice have his way with the Broncos defense?  Last week he was playing Tecmo Bowl against a 5 year old and pretty much throwing at will.  This week, he gets a tough Broncos defense that will be one of the best in the league.  If the Falcons win, there will be a lot of running the ball, but Julio Jones or Roddy White will still get theirs.  Manning gets a tough test in Game 2 of his Denver days, but I think he's been here before and plus, it's a regular season game.  Winner - Broncos.

Those are my picks and I'm sticking to them.  Who you got!?!?!?!?.


Anonymous said...

The Eagles won last week. They can't start 0-2.

Inquisitive Mind said...

Thanks for noticing. Corrected now. Must be an Eagle's fan.