Thursday, September 20, 2012

2012-13 NFL Week 2 Wrap Up

I did say it couldn't get any worse and I think it just did.  I feel like I was on the cover of Madden this past year.  Let's take a look at the carnage.

Chicago @ Green Bay - The ills of the Bears were on full display.  They fail to keep Cutler clean and when he gets hit and gets hit often, he acts the way he did.  The only thing that I know about Cutler is he knows whom he can pick on, because I'm not so sure that I wouldn't have tried to choke him had he done that to me, on national TV.  Nevertheless, Forte hurt his ankle and it's bad enough that the Bears brought back Khalil Bell on Friday.  Not looking good.  The Packers looked ok, but they still have problems before they can claim the NFC North this year.  This is going to be a great battle.  Props out to the Bear defensive line though.  They played like they were up 10 the entire game and actually were the bright spot for the Bears. Inquisitive Mind 0-1 for the week.  .

Kansas City @ Buffalo - Let this marinate, CJ Spiller is leading the NFL in rushing.  Spiller gave us another great outing this week with his 15 carries for 123 yards, and 2 TDs (and 3 recepts for 47 yards).  The Bills defense got to Matt Cassel and made this a tough game for him.  I am questioning whether Jamal Charles (2 carries, 25 yards) should even suit up the rest of the season the way he is playing.  The Chiefs are really sucking this year, I mean really sucking.  Inquisitive Mind 0-2 for the week.

Cleveland @ Cincinnati - These ain't your dad's Browns, but Brandon Weeden, thank you for showing up.  The Browns got behind early but made this game, but Weeden (26 of 37 for 322 yards, 2 TDs) looked 100% better than he did in week 1.  Trent Richardson (19 carries for 109 yards, 1 TD) also showed up so that had to make Weeden feel just that much better.  If this duo can provide some more of these type of fireworks, this Browns team will atleast put points on the board.  I am not crazy enough to say that it will translate into many more wins, but they will be in the game.  The Bengals got a chance to briefly forget about the loss to the Ravens, but they still have a lot of work to do.  This game shouldn't have been this close.  Inquisitive Mind 1-2 for the week..

Minnesota @ Indianapolis - I've been doing my best to let Luck be Luck (20 of 31 for 224 yards, 2 TDs), but he is reminding people of Peyton Manning every game he plays.  In this one, he led the team down the field to set up a Vinateri kick to win the game.  Sound familiar?  Luck takes what the defense gives him but has the arm to take some chances.  This Colts squad won't be as bad as most think.  Great win at home for this young squad.  Inquisitive Mind 2-2 for the week.  .

New Orleans @ Carolina - (Gotta fast track from here) Saints in trouble at 0-2 and I'm not as sure as I was before the season started that they wouldn't miss their head coach this much.  They look out of sorts.  Inquisitive Mind 2-3 for the week.   

Houston @ Jacksonville - Why did I sit Mr. Tate this week?  Yeah, one of my fantasy teams is straight struggling for the bad decisions that I have made this year.  Maybe two of my teams, and we're only starting Week 3.  Inquisitive Mind 3-3 for the week.  

Oakland @ Miami - And Reggie Bush must have gotten a call from Kim Kardashian because he went off.  Sucks when he does that.  Honestly I forgot that he was even still in the league.Inquisitive Mind 3-4 for the week.  

Arizona @ New England - Free Larry Fitzgerald!!! (clap, clap, clap clap, clap)  I got 0 freakin points out of Larry Fitzgerald and he played the entire game.  Who cares if the Cardinals held on to win, I lost.  Fitz getting zero fantasy points is akin to having a Lambo and only driving 35mph in it.  Inquisitive Mind 3-5 for the week.  

Tampa Bay @ New York Giants - Eli, I'm sorry for all of the bad things I said about you last year, the year before that, and the year before that,...and possibly the year before that.  Terrible first half and then he went all Tecmo Bowl on us in the 2nd half.  Inquisitive Mind 4-5 for the week.  

Baltimore @ Philadelphia - Vick is alive (barely) and the Eagles won this game.  Cause for concern for the Ravens.  All I know is that I felt Sunday how I felt most times last year when the Ravens needed a score on offense with the game on the line, and it wasn't a good feeling.  Something has to happen (positively) for that offense.  I don't know what it is, but something just isn't right.  Inquisitive Mind 4-6 for the week.

Washington @ St. Louis - RGIII is supposed to be 2-0 for the Skins.  If you cost him and your team the game, please raise your hand.  Inquisitive Mind 4-7 for the week.

Dallas @ Seattle -And after that great win against the Giants you go and lay a dud.  Big ups to Russell Wilson and the Seahawks.  They should be 2-0 to, timeouts and all.  Inquisitive Mind 4-8 for the week.

New York Jets @ Pittsburgh - Well, maybe the real Jets team showed up, although that was tough with not having Revis for this game.  The Steelers played without Polamalu and Harrison, so that's all that matters.  Oh yeah Steelers, you still need to find a running game.  Inquisitive Mind 5-8 for the week..

Tennessee @ San Diego - Thank you Philip Rivers.  Thank you for getting us a win.  Inquisitive Mind 6-8 for the week.

Detroit @ San Francisco - The 49ers are real.  I mean they are really real.  I thought Alex Smith would regress this year, but we have a chance to see if that will happen.  Until then, this is the best team in the NFL, hands down.  Inquisitive Mind 7-8 for the week.  

Denver @ Atlanta - Yes the Falcons won, but you got 4 turnovers and the game came down to the last few minutes.  Take the win, but all shouldn't be rosy in the ATL right now.  Compounded by Michael Turner's DUI, this should be a tough week of practice for all of you.  Inquisitive Mind 7-9 for the week.

I said it couldn't get any worse and at least I was right about that.  That's two weeks at 7-9.  I am going to have to rethink this whole thing if we keep trending this way.  There's always Week 3, right?  For the year, that brings us to 14-18 and essentially last against the ESPN guys.

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