Thursday, September 20, 2012

2012-13 NFL Week 3 Picks

Not going to jinx myself, so let's just get into the picks. 

New York Giants @ Carolina - Too many banged up bodies for the Giants this week and they travel all the way to NC.  Cam Newton should have something to say about the outcome of this game, but probably wishes that his running backs did the talking for him.  Winner - Panthers.

St. Louis @ Chicago - Cutler has taken a lot of heat for bumping his tackle Webb, so will they get it together and take care of business this Sunday?  I got Brandon Marshall looking for his first big game as a Bear and the Bears defense is already hungry.  Winner - Bears.

Tampa Bay @ Dallas - This should be good and the Bucs will want to show that they have some stars too.  The Bucs defense has been solid all year long and I think that will keep this going against the Cowboys.  Bucs defenders, stay in your rush lanes to keep Romo in the pocket.  Winner - Bucs.

Buffalo @ Cleveland - Weeden and Richardson both had great games last week and they need that in order to get these wins piled up.  I've said this at the beginning of the year, the Bills will show up on defense and make things happen.  Now if they would only make me sound like I know what I'm talking about.  Can CJ Spiller get another big game for these Bills?  Not sure, but look for Stevie Johnson to wow in this game.  Winner - Bills

New York Jets @ Miami - Well, Reggie Bush reminded us that he is still an NFL player last week, but he still doesn't have a QB.  The Jets get Revis back and are looking to right the ship after a tough loss last week.  Who are the Dolphins receivers?  Winner - Jets.

San Francisco @ Minnesota - With this win (I heard this earlier today,...) the 49ers will be leading the NFC North.  Let that sink in.  Winner - 49ers.

Kansas City @ New Orleans - Two struggling teams meet and one of them will have their first win of the season.  Who would you put your money on?  Winner - Saints.

Cincinnati @ Washington - The home field advantage for the Skins, right?  They lost Carricker and Orakpo for the year, so the next in line will have to step up.  Fred Davis, where are you?  The Bengals have played pretty well and will have a decent pass rush, so we'll really see RGIII's decision making this week.  Winner - Bengals.

Detroit @ Tennessee - This may end up being a coin flip.  I have no confidence in either team.  Chris Johnson are you on a milk carton somewhere?  If not you probably should be.  This would be one of those games he shows up and blows this pick out of the water.  Winner - Lions.

Jacksonville @ Indianapolis - Things get easier for Andrew Luck and the Colts as they get possibly the worst team in the league right now.  Winner - Colts

Philadelphia @ Arizona - This is like your present girlfriend fighting your ex girlfriend.  Vick will be playing against his former backup Kolb in a fight for Andy Reid's heart.  Maybe this is the week that Fitzgerald actually plays well for the Cardinals, but I still think they lose.  Winner - Eagles.

Atlanta @ San Diego - Can the Falcons keep it rolling with another win?  Again, they escaped last week and this week they'll actually be tested by the Chargers.  I'm still not sold on the resurgence of the Chargers yet, but this will definitely be a fun game to watch.  No other choice than to flip on this one.  Winner - Falcons.

Houston @ Denver - Both of these teams are healthy and ready to play.  Can Manning control this Texans defense?  Will he be the 'giver' that he was last game against the Falcons?  I think Peyton bounces back and makes this close, but I think the Texans are too tough on both sides of the ball.  Winner - Texans.

Pittsburgh @ Oakland - I don't believe in the Raiders at all.  Winner - Steelers.

New England @ Baltimore - Game of the week for me.  The Patriots are one dimensional now and they refuse to use Welker.  The two TE set will cause match up problems, but hopefully the Ravens will find a way to get some pressure on Brady.  Where is T-Sizzle when you really need him.  This one is a home game for the Ravens who are a little beat up, but I hope they tough this one out.  Race Rice, here's the game ball, get it done.  Winner - Ravens.

Green Bay @ Seattle - Second game of the season pitting a QB against his former team and unfortunately Flynn will be wearing a hat and a clipboard.  The Packers get to deal with the 12th Man in Seattle and a tough QB in Russell Wilson.  Wilson has brought a little of Wisconsin with him to Seattle and just might mess around and beat these Packers.  I didn't think so either, but don't count them out.  Winner - Packers.

Those are my picks and I'm sticking by them.  Who you got?!?!?!?!?

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