Thursday, September 27, 2012

2012-13 NFL Week 4 Picks

Fresh off another bad week, we're on to the next one.

Cleveland @ Baltimore - Well, let's see if we can change the trend of missing on the first game of the week.  Weeden and Richardson get their first taste of the Ravens defense.  This Ravens defense isn't as good, right now, as they have been in the past, but they are still dangerous.  I expect Weeden to have some problems in this game, but I think that Richardson actually runs pretty well.  Game will be closer than some think, until late and then I see the Ravens putting some space between them and the Browns.  Winner - Ravens

Carolina @ Atlanta - Well, Cam Newton gets to show everyone just how much he can grow after last weeks controversy over his pouting during the end of the game.  I'd like to see the Panthers win this game, but the Falcons seem to be able to put up points and I'm not sure the Panthers offense can keep up with them.  Winner - Falcons.

New England @ Buffalo - This ought to be a good game.  The Bills come in having shown some bite in their defense, and they will possibly get Fred Jackson back if not both Jackson and Spiller.  This is their opportunity to make a splash.  They are at home and I think the God's align and grant them this wish to give the Patriots an 'L'.  Then again, the hoodie might have his boys ready because he had to pay that $50K fine this week and they got rid of Winslow Jr. during the week.  Can we say rejuvenated?  Winner - Bills.

Minnesota @ Detroit - After last week's win over the 49ers, I think anything is possible.  Add to that the tough loss the Lions took at the hands of the Titans, you have two teams with different momentum.  The Vikings' Ponder had a great game last week, but something tells me he's going to feel the pain from this Lions' defensive front.  Not looking like a good one for him or the Vikings.  Although, AP said that he is feeling better each week.  Winner - Lions

San Diego @ Kansas City - Mr. Charles, can we do it two weeks in a row?  First 2 weeks of the season was garbage, then he jumps out to a 200 yards output for week 3?  I, well my fantasy team is, imploring you to do something like that this weekend.  The Chargers have to bounce back from that terrible performance last week where they put up a solid 3 points.  Mathews is back, but he's injury prone and he gives up the rock every now and then.  I think the Chiefs have decided that it's time to play some real football.  Winner - Chiefs.

Seattle @ St. Louis - Coming off their dominating performance over the Packers (I know that hurts for Packers fans) the Seahawks look ready for the rest of the season.  They gotta find a way to get some offense going.  Their receivers can't keep getting hit in the hands and not catching the ball.  I like Russell Wilson and hope he does well, but he needs some help.  Skittles to the rescue, I guess.  The Rams are the Rams so you know one thing: Steven Jackson will play and get his (although he's questionable this week, he may not get his).  Not sure who else will.  Winner - Seahawks.

San Francisco @ New York Jets - I feel sorry for the Jets.  The 49ers got housed in their last game against the Vikings.  Do you think they show up not motivated?  Question is how many points will they score this weekend?  Is the blueprint for beating them something that the Jets can do (make Alex Smith win the game)?  Winner - 49ers

Tennessee @ Houston - Normally this would be a good game, but unless the Titans get Chris Johnson to show up, this is pretty much a done deal.  Winner - Texans.

Cincinnati @ Jacksonville - The Jaguars showed up last week and stole a game and now they get a Bengals team that just might strike some fear in some teams in the AFC.  They can run the ball and they have a pretty solid passing game too.  Did I mention the defense?  I like this squad and I imagine that they'll be on this weekend.  Winner - Bengals.

Miami @ Arizona - This Cardinals defense showed us that they are for real and they will get a Dolphins team that isn't that good on the offensive side of the ball.  How many points do you think the Dolphins score?  Kevin Kolb, this is your chance to start proving to people that you can play QB at a high level on a consistent basis.  Your opportunity starts on Sunday.  Winner - Cardinals.

Oakland @ Denver - Can Manning finally win another game with this Broncos team?  Can we not get behind so far that it's a comeback?  Can we just go no huddle the entire game?  The Raiders showed up last week and snuck a victory from the Steelers, but this is an old AFC West battle.  I still think Denver is a better team.  Winner - Broncos.

New Orleans @ Green Bay - If we didn't have the old refs back I could imagine that these teams would have thought about ending this game in a tie, on purpose.  Both teams are in trouble and need to right their ships.  The Packers got screwed on the 'Intereception' with the Seahawks and the Saints just can't seem to stop anyone.  Not good for the Saints since I think the Packers are looking to prove something.  Winner - Packers

Washington @ Tampa Bay - Two young teams get to battle it out in the Bay.  The Redskins should be 2-1, but that's not quite where they are.  Defense has to step up for the Redskins to make this a game, or the Bucs may finally realize that it's ok to get the ball to their best WR (V. Jackson) prior to the 4th quarter.  Winner- Bucs.

New York Giants @ Philadelphia - I said this last year that the Giants front four/subs would probably go down as the first team to really actually kill someone in a game.  That someone might be Mike Vick.  We'll find out on Sunday night.  Andy Reid, for the love of God, please put a lot of run plays for McCoy in this gameplan, otherwise, you are going to be minus a QB for the rest of the season.  Winner - Eagles.

Chicago @ Dallas - Monday Night football in Dallas in the House that Jerry built.  Both teams need to make a few changes if they are truly going to be contenders.  I think the Bears have a lot more work on their offensive line because if Cutler keeps getting hit, he's going to check out (mentally) of the game and that won't work for you.  The Cowboys have to find a way to get that offense going.  Not sure what it'll take, but maybe a big Monday Night game at home does the trick?  Winner - Bears.

Who you got?!?!?!?!?!?!

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