Friday, February 27, 2009


Do you have friends? I would hope the answer to that is yes, but how good a friend are they? Barry Bonds and Greg Anderson have shown us what a friend truly is. The government needs Anderson to cooperate so that they can send Barry Bonds to jail on perjury charges. Anderson has denied the offer and the government has had Anderson jailed for an entire year for refusing to testify (refused to answer questions to a grand jury). I mean this guy went to jail for an entire year. The government even went so far as to try and pressure Anderson by talking about possibly sending his mother to jail on a tax charge (tax evasion or something) and this guy still said 'no'. All of this to help/save his longtime friend and client, Barry Bonds. Now that Bonds' trial is coming up the government has asked that Anderson cooperate and he again has denied that request. Without Anderson, the judge has said that a lot of the evidence won't be admissible in the trial. It looks like those charges against Bonds go out of the window and the case goes to hell.

WWYFD? What would your friend do? I know we all think we have good friends and a lot of them tell you that they'll stick by you through thick and thin, but how many of you have a friend that will go to jail for you for a year? How many of you have a friend that would constantly face jail instead of rolling on you? If you have a friend like this, you should go out and do something for them today. This kind of friendship just doesn't have a price on it.

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