Thursday, February 12, 2009


NYSTOM has his updated MVP Race for us. I'm still wondering how Rajon Rondo is in the picture. Anyone else with concerns?

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NYSTOM said...

For anyone who saw yesterday's Boston Celtics@Phoenix Suns game, it was a perfect *example*.......and I do mean example.......of why and how Rajon Rondo is in my MVP race. First of all, who is running that machine known as the Boston Celtics? Rondo. When the Celtics win (which is pretty darned often), who leads the charge? Rondo. And lastly, where would the Celtics be without Rondo? Who else is going to play PG? Eddie House? We all know he's really a 2. Gabe Pruitt? The Celts would be in big trouble without RR.