Thursday, February 19, 2009

New York Knicks - Chicago Bulls

Finally!!! The Bulls have found a sucker to take Larry Hughes and all it took was a sucker to take on Jerome James. There in lies the Bulls/Knicks trade today. The Knicks have agreed to trade Jerome James and Tim Thomas to the Bulls for Larry Hughes. Jerome James has been stealing money for a few years since Isiah gave him a big deal and Tim Thomas, well, if it isn't a contract year you can count on him mailing it in. The Bulls recently had Tim Thomas and paid him to stay at home (something between him and Coach Skiles). Larry Hughes is a two guard who can't shoot, but he's a scorer. I didn't think the Knicks needed another one of those. Overall, everyone that wanted out (Hughes and James) got another opportunity elsewhere.

What's your take on this trade? Even? Backwards for both teams? Just plain stupid?

2 comments: said...

Did this actually happen? I haven't seen it reported elsewhere?

Inconsequential trade for both squads.

Thomas will probably be cut, as will James. Hughes adds nothing to the Knicks, he's a walking IR.

Inquisitive Mind said...

I don't see the Bulls cutting anyone/paying them out. They need a scorer in Thomas for the second squad and James is at least a meaty center. He's as good as Aaron Gray and maybe a smidge better.

The Knicks have made a few moves today and are still looking at 2010.