Thursday, March 19, 2009

Drama in Denver

When will this stop? I mean come on, this is really childish for grown men to act like this. Cutler, be happy you have a starting NFL gig. I will go on record to say that Cutler is a better than average QB right now. Could he be better down the road, maybe, or maybe he's as good as he'll ever be right now. You have a rookie head coach who just came from the Patriots and actually was instrumental with the development of Matt Cassel. IF, Cassel was available, what's wrong with inquiring or even having discussions? Cutler catches feelings because his coach doesn't come out and say he loves him. WTF?!?!?

Essentially, Josh McDaniels (head coach of the Patriots) leaves the Pats and comes to Denver. He gets a team with a lot of talent and he has a good QB. So imagine you come home to Kim Kardashian. She has all the things you need/want and if life ended there, you'd be happy. But, then you find out that Halle Berry is possibly available and because you grew up with her and maybe helped her early in her career, you inquire about whether she'd like to be with you. Any man would have to look into the possibility.

Now Culter is pissed because his new coach won't give him a hug and say 'I love you, man!!!'. Cutler isn't that good that he should feel slighted that the Broncos asked about Cassel. Get over it. Be a man and report to camp and do something other than sound like a little b$(@@).

Who's side are you on in this matter? Cutler? McDaniels? Do you even care? Will Culter end up getting traded?

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