Saturday, March 28, 2009

Elite 8 - Part 1

Well, based on the games from the last two days, I know nothing about NCAA basketball. Let's try this again and see what happens. Today we have some very interesting games and I should be able to pick these, they should be easy, right?

4:40pm EST

Missouri vs. Connecticut - Somewhere Nolan Richardson is smiling. His system is showing us how timeless that '40 Minutes of Hell' actually was. Missouri uses the same system and they have a lot of success. I doubt many of you had them coming this far. They win with defense and hard nosed play. I think Connecticut is the first #1 to go home. Not so much for any reason other than the Tigers seem to be on a run. Thabeet will be an issue for the Tigers if this becomes a half court game, but I expect that the Tigers to try and use the person he's guarding to pull him away from the paint.

Projected Winner - Missouri

7:05pm EST

Villanova vs. Pittsburgh - And Pitt lives to play again. Ok, I am going to pick Villanova because it's just time for Pitt to lose. They haven't been playing basketball since they've been in the tournament and Villanova has the horses to make them pay for that. Then again, maybe this is the game that Pitt makes us all realize that they are a #1 seed and warrant that distinction. Same cast of characters from each team, but I think the bigs from Villanova win this game for them.

Projected Winner - Villanova

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