Friday, March 13, 2009

NCAA Basketball

Lots going with these conference tournaments, but if you were a betting person, you are probably crying in your beer this morning.


What's going on? Pitt and UConn go down in the tournament early which opens the door for Louisville to win the Big East. All we have heard all year long is Pitt and UConn and how they have dominated each other and the Big East. Both of them put their #1 overall positions in the NCAA tournament by losing. I will have to say that UConn did lose in a 6 overtime game that was just as exciting as it sounded. I'm still trying to wipe the sleep from my eyes after watching this one last night. UConn just simply ran out of gas.


Baylor shocked the world and beat Kansas while Oklahoma State upset Oklahoma. In a mild upset, Texas beat Kansas State and this is going to be a wild finish. You could have Texas or Oklahoma State win the Big XII. What happened to the favorites? Is this going to carry over to the big tournament?


Georgia Tech upset Clemson to give them more hope for the big tournament. Next up for them is a decent Florida State team. Boston College, Maryland, and Virginia Tech all won, as expected and today ought to shake out to be a very exciting day in the Georgia Dome. If UNC's Ty Lawson doesn't play because of that toe, someone has an opportunity to step up and beat UNC. If it's Duke, should they get the #1 overall seed which is normally the case for the ACC Conference Championship winner.

Have you been watching these games? Are you ready for the NCAA Tournament? Did you stay up and watch all 6 OTs last night?

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