Sunday, March 29, 2009

Elite 8 - Part 2

Today is going to be a good day of games. You have two #1 vs. #2 games. Like I said before, I have my pick for NCAA champion playing today.

2:20pm EST

Michigan St. vs. Louisville - Michigan State pulled out a close one against Kansas. The thing they showed me is that they have that fight in them. They were down 13 and they ended up winning. I like Lucas and the rest of this cast, but the light they see coming down the tunnel is a train. Louisville looked awesome playing against Arizona. I mean the Wildcats had a rough time inbounding the ball. I think Rick Pitino got a basket during the game (let me check the box score). Louisville looked so good, I can't in good confidence pick anyone over them right now.

Projected Winner - Louisville

5:05pm EST

Oklahoma vs. North Carolina - Oklahoma showed me something against Syracuse. I think that they showed me that they can play even without their All American, Blake Griffin. This team has scoring on the perimeter and when they have Blake Griffin in the post, he's gonna get you 20 and 10 if he's sleep walking. North Carolina destroyed Gonzaga in the same manner that Louisville beat Arizona. I think that Carolina is deep enough in the front court to handle Blake Griffin. The Heels are deeper and they have the better point guard in Ty Lawson. Lawson looked okay yesterday, but if you watched him he was running differently, he wasn't running on his toes, he was running flat footed. With back to back games, we'll see just how good that toe is feeling. Still, Heels will be too much.

Projected Winner - North Carolina

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cinco said...

GO UCONN!!!!!!!!

Men and especially the women.