Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kentucky Bound

Well, finally, Calipari accepted the Kentucky Wildcats head coaching position. We knew this was going to happen shortly after Memphis lost in the NCAA tournament. Kentucky is the right fit for Calipari. He's won in most of the places that he's gone, but now he'll be at Kentucky. This used to be a great job, except the losing seasons over the past few years have put some tarnish on that old Kentucky mystique. All it took was 8 years and $35 million. I think you can live well on that type of money in Kentucky. The bigger question is what happens to the recruits that Calipari has coming to Memphis. This is going to get a little sticky because the NCAA won't normally let those kids that already signed a letter of commitment to a school out of that letter without having them sit out a year (can you say bull$*%@?). We'll see what the NCAA does. The other part of this is what happens to the kids that were already coming to Kentucky? With Kentucky already over the limit with scholarships someone is going to be left short. Congrats to John Calipari for hitting the lottery with his new job and his new contract. This will definitely make the SEC that much more interesting.

Is Coach Cal wrong for leaving Memphis? Who will Memphis go after as their new coach? Is Calipari worth $35M?

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