Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tournament Time

Ok, if you don't have your brackets done by now, you have about 2 hours left before the first game. I am ready, hopefully you are. We all know that the #1 seeds are UNC, Louisville, UConn and Memphis. I really think that it could go any way this year. I personally made 5 different brackets on ESPN, and I'll have to post at least one of them here to see if I know what I'm talking about. For those of you that are working today, I'll update as I watch some of the games. Here's my take on the games today:

12:20pm EST - Butler vs. LSU - This ought to be a good game. LSU is athletic and they have a lot of horses, but I think I like Butler in this game. Butler should win this one close.

12:25pm EST - Cal State Northridge vs. Memphis - No question here, Memphis should run away with this.

2:30pm EST - Northern Iowa vs. Purdue - I can't believe that I'm saying this, but I like Purdue. They have a tough team and I like (for some reason) Robbie Hummel and JaJuan Johnson.

2:50pm EST - Radford vs. UNC - We all know Radford has no chance even without Ty Lawson. Lawson's toe is only painful and won't become an injury that should hurt his career, so I expect him to play in the second round.

2:55pm EST - Maryland vs. California - This is ACC vs. Pac 10. No contest. Maryland and my main man Greivis Vasquez should make it out of this one.

3:00pm EST - Chattanooga vs. Connecticut - I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this ought to be close early. At the end, the Huskies' size with Thabeet, Adrien, and Robinson will prevail.

5:00pm EST - Mississippi State vs. Washington - I like the Bulldogs here. They are a tough team and I think they got the shaft on their ranking. Watch Barry Stewart in this game.

7:10pm EST - Michigan vs. Clemson - I love the ACC, but Clemson has been so up and down lately. They should win this game, but there's a chance Michigan can win. I'm going with the home conference, Clemson, don't let me down.

7:10pm EST - Minnesota vs. Texas - Minnesota comes out of a bruising conference and they get Texas. We all know Abrams can shoot, but the difference will be Texas big man Dexter Pittman. If he plays like he has over the last 10 or so games, Texas will be a surprise to some.

7:20pm EST - American University vs. Villanova - Nova just is too good in their backcourt for this one. Looks for the Wildcats to win this one.

7:25pm EST - Akron vs. Gonzaga - Akron vs. America's team. Gonzaga has disappointed in the last year or so in the tournament, but I've watched them play this year and I like what I see. They are balanced and have some bigs that can ball. Look for the Bulldogs to win this one.

9:40pm EST - Binghamton vs. Duke - (breathe) Ok Duke, this is it. This is your chance. Someone grow a few inches and get in the paint and rebound. If Zoubek doesn't have a double double he should pay for his scholarship this year. Duke wins.

9:40pm EST - Morgan State vs. Oklahoma - No contest, although I hope that Morgan State at least makes a showing.

9:50pm EST - VCU vs. UCLA - Collison is hurting and he gets the upset minded VCU Rams and Colonial Athletic Conference Player of the Year, Eric Maynor. Upset alert.

9:55pm EST - Western Kentucky vs. Illinois - This Illini team has been flying under the radar all year long, but I think that they can pull this off. I'll go ahead and go with them, although I never trust the Illini.

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