Friday, August 21, 2009

Feeling Bad for Plax

When this first all went down, I do admit, I was probably one of those people that said 'you brought a loaded gun to a night club and shot YOURSELF in the thigh, and you want sympathy?'. It was funny to say the least. Then when the law got involved it got much trickier. Antonio Pierce, your wing man for the night was being investigated and possibly was going to go down on the same charges as Plaxico. The politicians wanted Plaxico to be punished to the fullest extent of the law and things seemed to go down hill from there.

Yesterday, Plaxico Burress pleaded guilty and accepted a plea deal that will make him spend the next 2 years of his life in jail. ...........That's a tough pill to swallow after he shot himself. Antonio Pierce didn't get any time (which is right). So, Plaxico will be sitting in a cell doing nothing for the next two years. I was waiting for the Sheriff of the NFL (Roger Goodell) to suspend him another year on top of that, but he informed us all his thoughts in his letter stating that Plaxico can not sign with a team until his sentence is served. I'm still thinking that he'll be suspended, but that's not what we're hearing at this moment.

I have to say that this 2 year sentence is outrageous. Yes, Plaxico was stupid for bringing the gun into the club. Yes, he showed bad judgement. Yes, he tried to cover it up and use a fake name at the hospital, but so what? What do you think would have happened had you (yes you Mr./Mrs reader? Do you think that they would have given you a 2 year sentence for shooting yourself? Donte Stallworth killed a man and got suspended for a year, but he's out of jail after less than 30 days, think about it.

What do you think about Plax's punishment? Over the top, or just enough?

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South Loop Social Light said...

Yes, I believe that his sentence is WAY next level and over the top. They're making an example out of him but I think they're looking like fools. People commit real crimes and serve less time. Yes, he had a gun and should be convicted on that alone but w/o injuring anyone else 2 years seems so extreme...

On the flip side... he's a millionaire athlete so I don't feel too bad for him. All he has to do is continue to perform well on the field and not fuck anything up. lol... if he can't handle that small task then maybe he doesn't deserve the success.

He'll have 2 years to let this marinate and I'm sure he'll get his mind right.