Sunday, August 09, 2009

Tiger Does it Again

The World Golf Championship-Bridgestone Invitational in Akron this weekend started slowly for Tiger. He started the week at -1 and came into today 3 shots off the lead. Pedraig Harrington was going into Sunday with a 3 shot lead and looked strong as he had been pouring birdies in on Saturday to get to his lead.

All day today, Tiger and Pedraig battled back and forth. Both were grinding on the golf course. Tiger jumped out of the gate today and tied (-10) Pedraig after 4 holes with a birdie and an eagle. Tiger even took a 2 shot lead, but then followed that up with two back to back bogeys. Pedraig had a 1 shot lead going into the 16 hole. At the tee box, both Tiger and Pedraig were put 'on the clock' (a term meaning that they were falling behind the group in front of them and they needed to hurry up to get back on pace). Both of them made some wayward tee shots and Pedraig's second shot was quick and ended up on the edge of the sand trap. Tiger was able to get back into the fairway from his second shot. Then, the moment happened. Tiger, from 182 yards, hits an 8 iron over the pond within inches. Pedraig hits his shot over the green and into the rough. To make that worse, he then hits his next shot across the green into the water. Game Over.

Tiger wins by 4 strokes and gets his 70th career victory. He becomes the first golfer to win on the same course 7 times (actually he's won 7 out of 10 on this course) and it's just amazing to watch it all happen.

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