Thursday, August 06, 2009

NFL Update 8-6-09

With all of the fall out over Eli Manning's big deal with the Giants, there are some other QB's in the league who have to smiling. One in general is Phillip Rivers. If Rivers gets $97.5M I'm taking my little guy out back and we're going to start playing catch a little bit more, with emphasis on him throwing. Other people that are happy, newly acquired Jay Cutler and Peyton Manning who can re up and is sure to get more money than his brother.

Hurting - Not much happens during training camp except the M.A.S.H units seem to be growing. Here's a list of the players that have been hurt during training camp so far (just the bigger names, not ever single injury):

- Reggie Bush - That knee is not looking good. Maybe he should have kept Kim Kardashian just a little longer. I'm sure she could have at least helped him rub that knee down.

- Tommie Harris - After inking a big deal last year, this guy doesn't seem to be ready to play. They have been holding him out of full contact drills (11 on 11).

-Ben Utecht and Daniel Coats - both went down yesterday and the Bengals are now looking at starting rookie TE, Chase Coffman

- Early Doucet and Beanie Wells - both are being monitored, Wells from a sprained ankle and
Doucet from a shoulder injury.

- Mark Clayton - has bleeding in his hamstring. I'm not even sure I've EVER heard that type of injury before.

- Harry Douglas - has a torn ACL and is out for the year (Roddy White may get a contract extension now, since the Falcons are low on receivers).

- Stewart Bradley - out for the year and he was quietly the 2nd leading tackler on the Philadelphia Eagles. I can honestly say I didn't know that.

- Maake Kemoeatu - is out for the year with a torn ACL. This should have the Panthers looking for some defensive line help.

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